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17 December 2014

the elf on the shelf
scrabble tournament
a button nose and two eyes made out of coal
perfect plum pudding
listening to the sound of the ocean
kitchen pantry
reaching one of my goals
above the clouds
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16 December 2014

chestnut cookies
front-page news
waking up at the crack of dawn
wrapping paper trail
the ideal tropical destination
playing the title role
ladies and gentlemen
bay windows
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15 December 2014

jingle bells jingle bells
booming business
there's something for everyone
the big apple cider
getting to know the local cuisine
curtain call
doing somersaults
late-night infomercial
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12 December 2014

plenty to go around
mother and daughter
better not pout i'm telling you why
mr. potato head of the household
breathtaking balcony views
apples and oranges
winning a talent contest
exit poll
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11 December 2014

hanging mistletoe
age before beauty
plumber and pipe fitter
the north and totem pole
a prime stretch of fabulous beach
firstborn child
old-fashioned fruitcake
historic voyage
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10 December 2014

sister act
wood-burning fireplace
bench press the snooze button
you're a mean one mr. grinch
superb service & setting
playing twister
never a dull moment
quilted blanket
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9 December 2014

boys and girls
ice skating rink
the weather outside is frightful
see spot run for governor
checking my vacation days
annual reunion
giant snowflakes
average price
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8 December 2014

one big happy family
winter wonderland
running circles around the competition
christmas candy canes
everything you could possibly want
television comedy
red brick chimney
guitar chords
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5 December 2014

the personal touch
grand entrance
critically acclaimed television series
soda fountain of youth
surfboards sailboats and kayaks
fried apple fritters
field hockey goalie
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4 December 2014

gracious host
silver dollars
coffee and cranberry scones
i slept like a baby hippo
honolulu international airport
tom selleck
flower arrangement
fuzzy earmuffs
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3 December 2014

charm and character
full-length mirror
professional poker player
wild mushroom and goat cheese omelet
sea urchins sponges and reefs
eager to please
distinguished gentleman
heavy package
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2 December 2014

guest bedroom
stage manager
banana walnut pancakes
private eye of the storm
the bright lights of times square
miniature poodle
down to a science
handpicked fruit
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1 December 2014

warm and friendly
food & wine festival
the best deals online
never say never-never land
gazing out at the endless ocean
a gentle giant
baked cherry turnover
busy harbor
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28 November 2014

the gettysburg address
mumbo jumbo
the south rim of the grand canyon
cracker jack nicholson
memorable magic moments
the people's court
quality not quantity
narrow pathway
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27 November 2014

talking turkey
albany new york
tootsie roll out the red carpet
butternut squash stuffing
i know where i'm going for summer break
show and tell
online movie review
a babe in the woods
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26 November 2014

lake michigan
priceless painting
baking the perfect pumpkin pie
silicon valley girl
check your departure time
the road runner
self-cleaning oven
watch out below
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25 November 2014

independence hall
newspaper reporter
batman robin and batgirl
love is in the air mattress
life is full of surprises
a vase of flowers
topic of conversation
big bear hug
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24 November 2014

columbus ohio
volunteer firefighter
candied yams with sliced apples
under construction paper
imagine the possibilities
casserole dish
triangles and rectangles
the whole ball of wax
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21 November 2014

let it ride!
unbridled enthusiasm
getting my foot in the door
look me in the eye shadow
protected marine sanctuary
modern family
good night sweet prince
yoga pose
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20 November 2014

wedding chapel
roadted almonds
seeing the sights on the strip
pumpkin and iron-on patch
the most beautiful sunset ever
public accountant
dramatic conclusion
office products
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19 November 2014

aggressive slot machine
i would if i could
making something out of nothing
quiet on the set of encyclopedias
friendly helpful and courteous
casting director
english breakfast tea
postcard collection
exciting subject
SPIN ID: js3114601

18 November 2014

playing to win
treasure hunters
may the odds be ever in your favor
cabbage carrots & cauliflower
terraces overlooking the jungle
paul mccartney
the sound of silence
worldwide best seller
frozen waffles
SPIN ID: jm8800983

17 November 2014

my lucky number
barrier island
america's next top model airplane
scrumptious seafood platter
cruising the caribbean in style
tying the knot
dinner and dancing
lightning in a bottle
major upgrade
SPIN ID: cc8986997

14 November 2014

sparring partner
don't be shy
monopoly money manager
woody and buzz lightyear
the city that doesn't sleep
lacrosse stick
getting my ducks in a row
go for a jog
SPIN ID: ts1803863

13 November 2014

starsky and hutch
track and field
all dressed up and everywhere to go
we few we happy few we band of brothers
burying my toes in the sand
girls wearing pearls
bashful kid
SPIN ID: cc2338325

12 November 2014

performing a duet
playful dolphins
there's nothing up my sleeve
wayne and garth from wayne's world
california's central coast
finishing a marathon
driving a hard bargain
pizza topping
SPIN ID: pt5766965

11 November 2014

let's make some noise
captain kirk and mr. spock
blueberry french toast
keep your eye on the ball gown
the most amazing theme parks
travel coffee mug
technological breakthrough
moving quickly
SPIN ID: rd5285513

10 November 2014

up where we belong
natural habitat
totally talented twosome
onion rings of saturn
all-inclusive escorted tour
stocks and bonds
seeing a buddy movie
authority figure
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7 November 2014

macadamia nuts
needle and thread
guardians of the galaxy
the bottom line dancing
riding bikes in golden gate park
giant salamander
that one takes the cake
like walking on air
SPIN ID: wp9575581

6 November 2014

lush valleys
kung fu panda
bright-eyed and bushy-tailed
meteor shower gel
fabulous las vegas nevada
working up a sweat
mini marshmallows
young adult
SPIN ID: lk3815116

5 November 2014

fresh pineapple
belly flop contest
teenage mutant ninja turtles
karaoke night vision
fun f00d & festivities
short-order cook
housewarming party
back to square one
SPIN ID: jf7907653

4 November 2014

hidden waterfalls
fitness trainer
english springer spaniel
volcanic rock and roll
exploring the wonders of the far east
the driver's seat
the motion of the ocean
famous duo
SPIN ID: at9833521

3 November 2014

welcome to paradise
ice cream sundae
standing up on a paddleboard
silly string bikini
the best jazz you'll ever hear
annual get-together
opening my parachute
ripe avocado
SPIN ID: rm0890269

31 October 2014

count dracula
baltimore ravens
it's the end of the world as we know it
jack black widow spider
reggae legend bob marley
the walking dead
salted pumpkinseeds
a piece of the pie
SPIN ID: kb5694184

30 October 2014

they're here
fort worth texas
someone's knocking at the door
the wicked witch of the west coast
the warm water of the pacific
devil's night
the shining by steven king
baggage fee
SPIN ID: cf5264954

29 October 2014

i'm scared stiff
magazine subscription
the phantom of the opera
whatever you do don't fall asleep
taking the sailboat out to sea
a cave full of bats
flashlight batteries
reading the fine print
unique work of art
SPIN ID: dm5202099

28 October 2014

hiding under the bed
pack of jackals
the nightmare before christmas
horrifying haunted house
coastal rock formations
strike it rich
the icing on the cake
harry potter & ron weasley
bushy tail
SPIN ID: gm3431428

27 October 2014

putting on my costume
soft sofa cushions
interview with the vampire
werewolves howling at the moon
nature park & wildlife refuge
johnny depp
tarantulas & scorpions
point the way
SPIN ID: ms9490673

24 October 2014

camping trip
the cowardly lion
a river runs through it
stay-at-home mother nature
nothing would make me happier
botanical gardens
reading by lantern light
job qualifications
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23 October 2014

kayaking adventure
don't worry be happy
the appalachian trail
belly dances with wolves
i could seriously get used to this
compass needle
tailors and dressmakers
growth spurt
SPIN ID: mm0568266

22 October 2014

don't tip the canoe
stretching the truth
singing songs around the campfire
solid as a rock climber
lounge chairs & beach towels
back-to-back wins
baby we were born to run
beyond the horizon
SPIN ID: jm1831468

21 October 2014

swimming in a lake
travel hair dryer
we're not out of the woods yet
daffodils daisies & dandelions
the perfect day for snorkeling
the muppets
getting a big promotion
high gear
SPIN ID: ws0006694

20 October 2014

go outside and play
horseshoe crab
filling my canteen with water
a sigh of relief pitcher
champagne & candlelight dinners
obstacle course
pocket dictionary
pick up the phone
SPIN ID: rl5552336

17 October 2014

the french quarter
spinning and winning
put your best foot forward
i do not like green eggs and ham
pristine turquoise waters
cherry tomatoes
birthday celebration
empty cookie jar
SPIN ID: ds0032757

16 October 2014

san diego california
scarlett johansson
puppet show me the money
the face that launched a thousand ships
waving goodbye to the mainland
camera operator
the keys to the kingdom
in hog heaven
SPIN ID: lm3622688

15 October 2014

the windy city
they call me the wanderer
artichoke heart-to-heart talk
adding to my shell collection
back to the drawing board
blackberries & raspberries
juice bar
SPIN ID: bw3033469

14 October 2014

philadelphia pennsylvania
ballet company
i've been everywhere by johnny cash
coffee break the bank
you'll need a passport for this one
yummy in my tummy
off-the-cuff remark
tuba player
SPIN ID: mn5694818

13 October 2014

midtown manhattan
business manager
three little pigs in a blanket
dwayne johnson as hercules
there's not a cloud in the sky
bottle opener
we've got you covered
that works
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10 October 2014

cash or credit?
champagne glasses
clothes jewelry and makeup
pinball wizard of oz
the perfect sun-and-sea vacation
swedish meatballs
direct supervisor
poetic justice
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9 October 2014

instant rebate
friends and neighbors
barely scratching the surface
porch swing dancing
bringing an extra bathing suit
jennifer aniston
surprise ending
an ounce of gold
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8 October 2014

sales clerk
family gathering
grabbing lunch at the food court
snap crackle pop music star
you've never seen anything like this
lake superior
free gift with purchase
white-tailed jackrabbit
autographed book
SPIN ID: me4455382

7 October 2014

shopping center
comfortable shoes
hey big spender spend a little time with me
couch potato masher
far from all the hustle and bustle
heroes and villains
sold-out performance
lucky guy
SPIN ID: gp00794

6 October 2014

a brand-new car
grocery store
these are a few of my favorite things
paid in full moons
i promise you won't be disappointed
endurance athlete
decorating a cake
glamorous image
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3 October 2014

delicious dinner
white tablecloth
next-door neighbors
balloons confetti and streamers
when the cat's away the mice will play
climbing a tree
making a difference
it takes know-how
SPIN ID: mm6257552

2 October 2014

my pride and joy
honor roll student
fulfilling a lifelong dream
gone with the wind chimes
gray whales and sea lions
office manager
close-knit community
jump on the bandwagon
SPIN ID: dd5525842

1 October 2014

i love you mom!
comfort food
sunflowers and apple blossoms
false alarm clock
a calming stress-free getaway
microwave oven
watching the highlights
mobile device
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30 September 2014

faithful friends
lunar eclipse
where there's a will there's a way
gingerbread & best man
a variety of luxury accomodations
math teacher
working on my scrapbook
guided hike
SPIN ID: kk1090008

29 September 2014

family night
optimistic outlook
giving credit where credit is due
the oldest trick in the book club
scuba diving with giant manta rays
the cream of the crop
sheets and pillowcases
going backstage
SPIN ID: kh5910572

26 September 2014

moose and elk
on my best behavior
russell crowe stars in noah
cotton and bowling ball
an oasis of indulgence
running in place
memoirs and biographies
SPIN ID: rl6397092

25 September 2014

caribou crossing
reading the directions
academy award winner meryl streep
beavers badgers & bobcats
the british virgin islands
grand-opening sale
fresh batch of cookies
silver & gold
goofing around
SPIN ID: js0446050

24 September 2014

crunchy granola bar
we made the grade
the life of the party pooper
killer whales leaping out of the ocean
a stunning tropical venue
poetry contest
taking care of business
valuable cargo
SPIN ID: at5894490

23 September 2014

bald eagles
clark kent & lois lane
packing dehydrated food
bouncy flight attendant
clean quiet & picturesque
coffee with cream & sugar
movie theater usher
adorable puppies
SPIN ID: kh3460959

22 September 2014

seattle washington
great horned owl
dawn of the planet of the apes
go tell it on the mountain goat
incredible beachfront property
bennie and the jets
the exception to the rule
jazz festival
SPIN ID: bp00536

19 September 2014

the last day of school
whipped cream
recommended reading list
student body language
there goes my perfect attendance
greatest hits album
sliding down the banister
piping hot biscuit
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18 September 2014

seating chart
flock of sheep
little house on the prairie
you shook me all night long division
polynesian cultural center
beefsteak tomatoes
blue-ribbon winner
iconic game
SPIN ID: vs5861443

17 September 2014

please wait your turn
evergreen trees
the complete works of william shakespeare
pens pencils & paper
exceptional wildlife preserves
the pacific ocean
awards and certificates
loud laughter
SPIN ID: dg4662535

16 September 2014

let's brainstorm
a sense of humor
looking through a microscope
absence makes the heart grow fonder
spectacular oceanfront playground
news and views
head librarian
a bowl of fruit
SPIN ID: lh0289249

15 September 2014

classroom rules
tablecloth & napkins
a legend in the making
raise your hand puppet
lagoons bays and reefs
charlotte's web
getting organized
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12 September 2014

(See: 4 June 2014)
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11 September 2014

(See: 1 May 2014)
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10 September 2014

(See: 30 April 2014)
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9 September 2014

(See: 29 April 2014)
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8 September 2014

(See: 28 April 2014)
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5 September 2014

(See: 4 April 2014)
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4 September 2014

(See: 3 April 2014)
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3 September 2014

(See: 2 April 2014)
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2 September 2014

(See: 1 April 2014)
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1 September 2014

(See: 31 March 2014)
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29 August 2014

(See: 21 March 2014)
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28 August 2014

(See: 20 March 2014)
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27 August 2014

(See: 19 March 2014)
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26 August 2014

(See: 18 March 2014)
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25 August 2014

(See: 17 March 2014)
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22 August 2014

(See: 28 Feb·ru·rary 2014)
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21 August 2014

(See: 27 Feb·ru·rary 2014)
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20 August 2014

(See: 26 Feb·ru·rary 2014)
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19 August 2014

(See: 25 Feb·ru·rary 2014)
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18 August 2014

(See: 24 Feb·ru·rary 2014)
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15 August 2014

(See: 16 May 2014)
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14 August 2014

(See: 15 May 2014)
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13 August 2014

(See: 14 May 2014)
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12 August 2014

(See: 13 May 2014)
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11 August 2014

(See: 12 May 2014)
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8 August 2014

(See: 11 October 2013)
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7 August 2014

(See: 10 October 2013)
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6 August 2014

(See: 9 October 2013)
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5 August 2014

(See: 8 October 2013)
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4 August 2014

(See: 7 October 2013)
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1 August 2014

(See: 28 March 2014)
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31 July 2014

(See: 27 March 2014)
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30 July 2014

(See: 26 March 2014)
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29 July 2014

(See: 25 March 2014)
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28 July 2014

(See: 24 March 2014)
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25 July 2014

(See: 20 December 2013)
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24 July 2014

(See: 19 December 2013)
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23 July 2014

(See: 18 December 2013)
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22 July 2014

(See: 17 December 2013)
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21 July 2014

(See: 16 December 2013)
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18 July 2014

(See: 13 December 2013)
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17 July 2014

(See: 12 December 2013)
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16 July 2014

(See: 11 December 2013)
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15 July 2014

(See: 10 December 2013)
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14 July 2014

(See: 9 December 2013)
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11 July 2014

(See: 14 March 2014)
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10 July 2014

(See: 13 March 2014)
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9 July 2014

(See: 12 March 2014)
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8 July 2014

(See: 11 March 2014)
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7 July 2014

(See: 10 March 2014)
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4 July 2014

(See: 10 January 2014)
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3 July 2014

(See: 9 January 2014)
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2 July 2014

(See: 8 January 2014)
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1 July 2014

(See: 7 January 2014)
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30 June 2014

(See: 6 January 2014)
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27 June 2014

(See: 27 September 2013)
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26 June 2014

(See: 26 September 2013)
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25 June 2014

(See: 25 September 2013)
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24 June 2014

(See: 24 September 2013)
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23 June 2014

(See: 23 September 2013)
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20 June 2014

(See: 7 March 2014)
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19 June 2014

(See: 6 March 2014)
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18 June 2014

(See: 5 March 2014)
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17 June 2014

(See: 4 March 2014)
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16 June 2014

(See: 3 March 2014)
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13 June 2014

baseball players
parking the car
pliers hammers and screwdrivers
shallow end of the pool table
wait until your mom hears about this
darth vader
o captain! my captain!
fully grown
SPIN ID: sl4113630

12 June 2014

a pair of binoculars
bait & tackle shop
teaching toddlers to talk
beer belly dancer
when will you be checking in?
catching my second wind
excellent track record
joyous occasion
SPIN ID: ta9661346

11 June 2014

papa don't preach
who has the remote?
waterproof wristwatch
hollywood legend sean connery
monkeys leopards and parrots
hand-rolled cigars
former teammates
digital download
SPIN ID: rb0754085

10 June 2014

three men and a baby
running the bases
fixing things around the house
gizmos gadgets & games
please take me with you
jumper cables
daddy longlegs
millions and billions
point and click
SPIN ID: sh8674967

9 June 2014

reading a map
walk like a man talk like a man
supersonic speed bump
kiwi banana and passion fruit
cut to the chase
throwing a boomerang
lawn furniture
bart simpson
all-out blitz
SPIN ID: tb3362310

6 June 2014

a family tradition
window shades
o beautiful for spacious skies
a feast fit for a king kong
plenty of time for beachcombing
a real charmer
original broadway cast
santa fe new mexico
your biggest fan
SPIN ID: vm9846771

5 June 2014

newport rhode island
passing the baton
two-car detached garage
bed bath & beyond thunderdome
savor every single moment
facts and figures
heavy-duty tool cabinet
busy boulevard
SPIN ID: jp2854102

4 June 2014

surf city here we come
reality check
close encounters of the third kind
wedding ring around the collar
wonderful warm weather
party decorations
boston massachusetts
dog bowl
SPIN ID: js5192483

3 June 2014

gardening gloves
convenience store
bring a hearty appetite
emery board of directors
soaking up the beauty of the big island
the strong silent type
mama i'm coming home
among friends
SPIN ID: rf8808183

2 June 2014

jackson hole wyoming
measuring cups
good night sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite
press your luck of the irish
seaside garden paradise
mother goose
race to the finish
capitol hill
hiring process
SPIN ID: jj6286545

30 May 2014

making travel plans
calendar of events
i wish they all could be california girls
cracks in the sidewalk sale
national lampoon's vacation
look who's in the lead
graduating with honors
find your groove
SPIN ID: mr4109854

29 May 2014

shorts and sandals
basketball hoop
you took the words right out of my mouth
midnight train to georgia peach
climbing up a coconut tree
vanity fair
tournament of champions
SPIN ID: jj3026114

28 May 2014

fresh daisies
formal invitation
triple chocolate cake
lovely little ladybugs
you'll need a confirmation number
patio furniture
blowing up balloons
inspector gadget
baby grand
SPIN ID: bv0989921

27 May 2014

the tonight show starring jimmy fallon
multi-colored confetti
how long will you be staying?
sporting goods store
feeling hot hot hot
lending a helping hand
mix it up
SPIN ID: jh3198437

26 May 2014

school's out for summer
concession stand
beaches baseball & barbeques
gym bag of potato chips
graceful sea turtles
electric lawn mower
slowly but surely
unanimous vote
SPIN ID: sf8189084

23 May 2014

a great value
knock-knock joke
king arthur & the knights of the round table
coffee and lucky break
romantic open-air restaurant
cardigan sweater
contemporary artist
going overboard
SPIN ID: jk7909287

22 May 2014

what a deal!
yellow jackets
slow cooker and steamer
looking at stars through a telescope
premier diving destination
laughing up a storm
official letterhead
don't quibble
SPIN ID: ml9403986

21 May 2014

browsing around
recording studio
three two one blast-off
scratching post office
views of the brilliant blue sea
from zero to hero
a nice long weekend
state of euphoria
SPIN ID: jm01605

20 May 2014

purchasing power
hansel and gretel
gazing into a crystal ball
here's my number so call me maybe
luck literature & leprechauns
private party
marble countertop
hold your horses
backyard swing set
SPIN ID: cw2127842

19 May 2014

the right price
hugs and kisses
that's what friends are for
a heart of gold coins
clearing my calendar
figure skater
pillows and comforters
unsolicited advice
SPIN ID: bw01642

16 May 2014

fairy-tale wedding
sweetening the deal
backstroke and sidestroke
men are from mars women are from venus flytrap
where do you think you're going?
almost famous
good sportsmanship
tightrope walker
SPIN ID: sb4562529

15 May 2014

the north star
grand marshal of the parade
keep your distance runner
swim-up bars & tennis courts
goodness gracious
heavenly body
SPIN ID: cg2059962

14 May 2014

black sand beach
push-ups and sit-ups
they're playing our song
cute cuddly calico cats
practicing my flamenco dancing
blowing kisses
grapefruit juice
cake icing
SPIN ID: sm8769355

13 May 2014

grass skirt
team captain
under the boardwalk down by the sea
requires immediate attention
tucked away in a secluded bay
racing against the clock
vivid imagination
SPIN ID: mb1752300

12 May 2014

riding the waves
long eyelashes
back by popular demand
little boy blue whale
falling asleep in a hammock
bamboo shoots
happy homeowners
stay afloat
SPIN ID: rd3343278

9 May 2014

one day you'll thank me
potted plants
singing superstar celine dion
third time's the charm bracelet
a sprawling all-inclusive resort
the sound of music
chinese chicken salad
pay a visit
SPIN ID: mc9380515

8 May 2014

mother's little helper
a cup of hot cocoa
keep your elbows off the table
stunt double coupons
setting sail for the mediterranian
bedtime story
john travolta in hairspray
private hideaway
SPIN ID: kr4052684

7 May 2014

engraved jewelry box
where would we be without you?
mom's monogrammed mug
splashing in the crystal clear ocean
susan sarandon
spring fashion show
barely enough
SPIN ID: ck2647883

6 May 2014

yellow roses
rehearsal dinner
black-and-white photographs
birth and gift certificate
gardens waterfalls and beaches
backgammon board
i don't care who started it
kangaroo pouch
SPIN ID: sd4368127

5 May 2014

designer throw pillows
speaking my mind
the best day by taylor swift
don't make me pull this car over
breathtaking marine habitat
the nobel peace prize
ice-cold lemonade
rapid growth
SPIN ID: eh5763152

2 May 2014

america's game
i will always love you
robin williams as mrs. doubtfire
personalized plush pillows
lush jungle vegetation
wax on wax off
setting a world record
rockefeller center
bike pump
SPIN ID #1: wb9526781
SPIN ID #2: pm0792821

1 May 2014

you heard it here first
ceramic dalmatian
monumental achievement
will smith in independence day
private dining under the stars
candy shop
scoring the winning goal
valiant effort
SPIN ID #1: ag3335425
SPIN ID #2: vb7912571

30 April 2014

a smashing success
space invaders
bruce springsteen's born in the u.s.a.
cream cheese coffee cake
guided tour of ancient ruins
birthday candles
crab-stuffed lobster tails
hit the sack
SPIN ID #1: jb0858154
SPIN ID #2: db9456625

29 April 2014

history in the making
sectional sofa
solving a rubik's cube
chocolate sundae with a cherry on top
big ben and the eiffel tower
donkey kong
batman and catwoman
weighing my options
SPIN ID #1: dr9214064
SPIN ID #2: cb6328226

28 April 2014

six thousand shows!
achy breaky heart
extra extra read all about it
a pat on the back to the future
booking my shore excursion
sherlock holmes
playing along at home
a sophomore
SPIN ID #1: lp0362878
SPIN ID #2: rb9087411

25 April 2014

new hampshire
bending the rules
stainless steel colander
blue baby booties
a bowl of delicious goulash
spiral staircase
cross-country runner
beauty pageant judge
SPIN ID: da5111207

24 April 2014

off to a flying start
attitude adjustment
csi: crime scene investigation
and to the republic for which it stands
packing waterproof sunscreen
ten-piece brass band
television critic
qualified applicants
SPIN ID: ca0962478

23 April 2014

huckleberry finn
overdue library books
commencement and car speakers
keep your nose to the grindstone
windsurfing in the caribbean
main street
saving up for a rainy day
diverse backgrounds
SPIN ID: lm4394838

22 April 2014

susan b. anthony
human pyramid
department store mannequins
you are the sunshine of my life savings
exploring the coastline in a kayak
legally blonde
fragrant wildflowers
SPIN ID: cs6181895

21 April 2014

sycamore tree
buffy the vampire slayer
we will sell no wine before its time
let the celebration begin
peter cottontail
downloading music
scoot over
SPIN ID: vh3755759

18 April 2014

getting warmed up
quiche lorraine
hungry like the wolf by duran duran
social butterfly collection
pinch me i think i'm dreaming
baby's breath
lifetime guarantee
downright hilarious
SPIN ID: dl3507358

17 April 2014

french press coffee
let's get the ball rolling
follow the yellow brick road hog
west of haiti south of cuba
cold hard cash
like-minded individuals
breezy day
SPIN ID: yv5262869

16 April 2014

the caribbean sea
brains and brawn
chicken stock market
pop music star bruno mars
this is going to make a great story
potato peeler
meeting my deadline
touch football
hours of operation
SPIN ID: bh1146899

15 April 2014

montego bay
a round of applause
superstition by stevie wonder
nonstop flights of fancy
i can't wipe the smile off my face
pretty in pink
playing simon says
newborn puppy
SPIN ID: cw7534988

14 April 2014

the bahamas
steam shower
searching for buried treasure
detailed driving directions
an extraordinary experience
chocolate chip scone
i thank my lucky stars
wealthy woman
SPIN ID: sr06550

11 April 2014

course catalog
trending on twitter
mythological hero achilles
science project runway
the world's fastest man
edgar allan poe
on-the-spot decision
top draft pick
SPIN ID: wb00503

10 April 2014

graduate assistant
rough and tough
clashing clanging cymbals
study hall of fame
i promise to call you when i land
hitting the gym
the latest technology
having an impact
SPIN ID: td1592668

9 April 2014

university bookstore
flexing my muscles
stop texting me i'm cramming for finals
dorm and elbow room
refreshing coconut water
revenge of the nerds
on-the-job training
nouns and pronouns
SPIN ID: jf3777004

8 April 2014

it's all greek to me
f. scott fitzgerald
grade point average
the merchant of venice beach
embarking on a voyage
march madness
sitting on a gold mine
public apology
SPIN ID: am3769180

7 April 2014

the best time of your life
professor's office hours
humpty dumpty had a great fall semester
of mice and men by john steinbeck
ordering beverages poolside
roller derby
electric toothbrush
SPIN ID: aw4470961

4 April 2014

mountain lodge
dance partners
highways freeways & interstates
some like it hot pastrami sandwich
you have to see it to believe it
miniature golf
asking for directions
birthday bash
blog post
SPIN ID: js8684182

3 April 2014

road tripping
reese witherspoon
visiting all fifty states
would you mind over matter
lava heading toward the ocean
a walk in the park
cobblestone street
SPIN ID: cs4186409

2 April 2014

snacks for the car
mileage may vary
crossing the golden gate bridge
subway platform shoes
swimming with dolphins
stopping for gas
magical mystery tour
SPIN ID: tw5951366

1 April 2014

from coast to coast
the latest and greatest
the sunset strip of bacon
walking the freedom trail in boston
rainbow-colored coral reef
seeing a mirage
recreational vehicle
works wonders
SPIN ID: lj7844926

31 March 2014

the sky's the limit
lucky penny
the alamo in san antonio texas
bowling trophy wife
racing down the water slide
cheese grater
putting air in the tires
a brief explanation
SPIN ID: bf4116354

28 March 2014

girls' night out
ordering appetizers
nobody puts baby in the corner
fantastic fun-filled fridays
the island of enchantment
sixteen candles
can you keep a secret?
business savvy
SPIN ID: kt2769296

27 March 2014

facebook friends
beauty parlor
he's just not that into you
pure as the driven snow white
hawaii's famous diamond head
sarah jessica parker
slumber party
jacuzzi bubbles
SPIN ID: ll7181955

26 March 2014

what to wear?
college roommates
stomach crunch the numbers
makeover and makeup consultation
slipping off my flip-flops
gal pal
miss congeniality
taking flight
SPIN ID: jc8571530

25 March 2014

malibu barbie
sunday fun day
she's my partner in crime
playing the radio as loud as we want
legendary waves of the north shore
class reunion
breakfast at tiffany's
SPIN ID: jw1014271

24 March 2014

chick flick
lifeguard station
hooray for happy hour
mild medium and hot salsa dancing
manicures pedicures and facials
cyndi lauper
borrowing your sweater
complimentary upgrade
SPIN ID: dc0241035

21 March 2014

good morning america
monument valley
sitting on the front porch
florida and car keys
every day feels like saturday
enthusiastic supporters
final countdown
SPIN ID: sp3057654

20 March 2014

texting a smiley face
hollywood and vine
you give me fever when you kiss me
television miniseries lonesome dove
leaving footprints in the sand
biscuits and gravy
behind closed doors
groundbreaking work
SPIN ID: ef5020346

19 March 2014

phoenix arizona
playing board games
who wants to be a millionaire
the pitter-patter of little feet
rooftop infinity pool
grandfather clock
sounds a bit iffy
annual company picnic
new baby buggy
SPIN ID: ad3788926

18 March 2014

los angeles california
the breakfast club
supreme court justice
madison square garden vegetables
the view is simply amazing
strikes and spares
it's a beautiful day
SPIN ID: dm4736965

17 March 2014

district of columbia
crystal chandelier
recommended daily serving
catch a falling star trek
tell me where i'm going pat
doogie howser m.d.
last man standing
turnpike tollbooth
chopped firewood
SPIN ID: bs4798805

14 March 2014

my sweetheart
cartoon network
try to bring it back in one piece
to have and to hold a grudge
terrific steel drum music
robert redford
construction paper
SPIN ID: rs9406057

13 March 2014

splendid suites
american gladiators
screenwriters & screenplays
peaches plums & prickly pears
casual by day elegant by night
hits and misses
laughing hysterically
fresh approach
SPIN ID: vb9310309

12 March 2014

cameo appearance
older brother
do you know the muffin man?
sweet & sour chicken little
tantalizing buffet
electric can opener
double shot mocha latte
a nugget of information
SPIN ID: jl8007309

11 March 2014

cherished memories
sourdough bread
once twice three times a lady
clever crossword clues
the ultimate in tranquility
a school of fish
row row row your boat
movie soundtrack
hot prospect
SPIN ID: js3934623

10 March 2014

the whole family
cheese danish
one of our favorite playlists
long live the king-size bed
the pinnacle of luxury
rapture by blondie
testing the waters
woven handbag
SPIN ID: pk6375241

7 March 2014

travel agency
hall of famer
auditioning for the lead role
scotland yard sale
historic charm and elegance
it takes two to tango
stuffed pasta shells
power broker
SPIN ID: ko3432510

6 March 2014

the czech republic
solving riddles
drivers start your engines
one-way street performer
jaw-dropping ice formations
circus big top
game set and match
painted turtle
somewhat of a surprise
SPIN ID: df7952794

5 March 2014

the united kingdom
rhythm guitar
like a member of the family feud
german potato salad
zip-lining through the jungle
sunken treasure
right up your alley
open vault
SPIN ID: gs0332198

4 March 2014

midnight in paris
faithful fans
wake me up before you go-go
bowling pins and needles
the year of the horse
career counselor
investment tips
scenic overlook
SPIN ID: nd1840425

3 March 2014

rome wasn't built in a day
lava lamp
english channel surfing
busboys bartenders & bouncers
feast your eyes on this
guilty pleasure
jumping at the chance
box of baking soda
SPIN ID: dh2558594

28 Feb·ru·ary 2014

peppermint tea
refuse to lose
here comes the welcome wagon
no right turn on red apples
world-class hospitality
dawson's creek
silly song lyrics
homeward bound
SPIN ID: dl4544431

27 Feb·ru·ary 2014

sitting in the sauna
expense report
you caught me by surprise
university marching band-aid
pineapple fruit bowl
mermaids and mermen
doubles partners
company policy
SPIN ID: wj1726505

26 Feb·ru·ary 2014

hot stone massage
movie stuntman
wrinkle cream of wheat
stress-relieving whirlpool
this is the best game ever!
bath towels
water aerobics
north carolina
visual effects
SPIN ID: sf0856691

25 Feb·ru·ary 2014

happy and healthy
vegetable juice
the secret life of walter mitty
popsicle stick shift
balcony overlooking the beach
the eye of the tiger
i've got high hopes
SPIN ID: cr9165281

24 Feb·ru·ary 2014

mineral springs
i'm in the zone
we will we will rock you
monkey business conference
soothing serene setting
butterscotch cookies
movers and shakers
planting flowers
body of work
SPIN ID: cw7669974

21 Feb·ru·ary 2014

champagne brunch
captain kirk
perfect opportunity
price tag you're it
an embarrassment of riches
mural painter
upscale neighborhood
SPIN ID: dp9317018

20 Feb·ru·ary 2014

front row center
holy moly!
major scientific breakthrough
peking duck duck goose
beautiful fresh flower leis
the royal family
marketing specialist
gobbled up
SPIN ID: db6129802

19 Feb·ru·ary 2014

alaskan king crab
black tie and tails
worldwide box office smash
beach house of cards
this stuff never happens to me
silent partner
going for broke
baltimore maryland
locker key
SPIN ID: mg2156838

18 Feb·ru·ary 2014

world famous chefs
chance encounter
elephant and swimming trunks
exquisite designer cakes
tying up a few loose ends
arabian horses
silk handkerchief
SPIN ID: bh1830634

17 Feb·ru·ary 2014

professional butler
written test
perfume and cologne
caviar capers and crackers
enjoying a morning mimosa
truth or dare
straight to the top
SPIN ID: jj7938915

14 Feb·ru·ary 2014

feb·ru·ary fourteenth
nuts and chocolate
i want to know what love is
a match made in heaven help us
the moment you've been waiting for
a huge milestone
expressing my feelings
canary islands
an abbey
SPIN ID: ay8832290

13 Feb·ru·ary 2014

bouquet of roses
sharing is caring
the grand canal in venice
inferiority & apartment complex
showing off my victory dance
boyfriend & girlfriend
a new lease on life
major hub
SPIN ID: dp8554697

12 Feb·ru·ary 2014

hopeless romantic
heart-shaped pendant
whispering sweet nothings
being carried over the threshold
you've got to be kidding me
box of candies
monarch butterflies
itchy palm
SPIN ID: af7433293

11 Feb·ru·ary 2014

best friends forever
engagement ring
double date with destiny
creamy vanilla ice cream cake
a first time for everything
breakfast in bed
take a chance on me
family values
SPIN ID: js4968209

10 Feb·ru·ary 2014

kiss and tell
two glasses of wine
super bowl of fruit
she loves you yeah yeah yeah
flock of colorful toucans
bogart and bacall
bringing down the house
a shiny new bike
austin texas
backup plan
SPIN ID: ss8581025

7 Feb·ru·ary 2014

go with the flow
turn on a dime
digital edition of a magazine
love and internet connection
candlelight dinner for two
equipment manager
french vanilla yogurt
logical outcome
SPIN ID: ra5013877

6 Feb·ru·ary 2014

plush bathrobes
bread pudding
you look wonderful tonight
words of wisdom teeth
food fun & festivities
the nanny
the cavalry to the rescue
what a hoot
SPIN ID: kk2830283

5 Feb·ru·ary 2014

bottoms up
pelicans & peacocks
like sands through the hourglass
superhuman strength & speed
marvelous vacation package
jennifer lawrence
when a man loves a woman
a risk worth taking
SPIN ID: hl7988402

4 Feb·ru·ary 2014

fit for a queen
banquet waiter
a streetcar named desire
cosmetic case of mistaken identity
a vibrant tropical setting
dessert cart
television & film star
prevailing wind
SPIN ID: sb0613762

3 Feb·ru·ary 2014

in your eyes
curious george
shaving cream of the crop
making a game-winning touchdown catch
parting is such sweet sorrow
hanging in the balance
spicy guacamole
SPIN ID: gb1755051

31 January 2014

alpine adventure
a tale of two cities
just making conversation
i slept like a baby boomer
lovely lush landscapes
siberian tiger
bet your bottom dollar
majority owner
SPIN ID: ss9772890

30 January 2014

polar bear club
building a bonfire
the call of the wild-goose chase
flipping fluffy flapjacks
basking in the radiant sunshine
home alone
how the west was won
gutsy choice
SPIN ID: de9212785

29 January 2014

alaska salmon
criminal minds
reading a thermometer
sirloin tip of the iceberg
complimentary limousine ride
klondike bar
i'm back in the game
countertop microwave
june july and august
SPIN ID: so9258212

28 January 2014

the yukon territory
in a nutshell
daddy's little girl
worth its weight in gold records
spicy chili peppers
the weather channel
freezing temperatures
witty puns
SPIN ID: sp1524809

27 January 2014

wind-chill factor
paper airplanes
working hard to finish the job
through thick and thin pizza crust
fruity tropical cocktails
saved by the bell
money money money
a cappella group
SPIN ID: mw1963251

24 January 2014

warm and breezy
navel orange
world-renowned art colleciton
sandra bullock stars in gravity
climate culture customs
state capital
mild-mannered reporter
pink feather boa
SPIN ID: nw0450250

23 January 2014

red carnations
luke skywalker
what's your claim to fame?
locker room with a view
location location location
a lasting impression
sunshine on my shoulders
fluffy wool
SPIN ID: db6315123

22 January 2014

latitude & longitude
unfinished business
taking the bull by the horns
do you speak german chocolate cake
welcome to fantasy island
vegetable garden
upcoming movie trailers
economy size
SPIN ID: jl0679977

21 January 2014

rebirth and renewal
western europe
cloudy with a chance of meatballs
i never knew love like this before
getting directions to the beach
independent film
ripe cantaloupe
just google it
SPIN ID: tv9245205

20 January 2014

summer wind
special appearance
laugh-out-loud funny
magic carpet cleaning
pure perfect paradise
the northern hemisphere
thousands of dollars
hitching a ride
jovial host
SPIN ID: me6787951

17 January 2014

eager beaver
beaming with pride
green seedless grapes
alicia silverstone stars in clueless
i'm loving life right now
water filter
painting a picture
uplifting speech
SPIN ID: mo1954752

16 January 2014

healthy lifestyle
toasters & roasters
signing up for the newsletter
men in black bean soup
international flavor
apple orchard
lincoln nebraska
monkey wrench
hybrid vehicle
SPIN ID: jh7190197

15 January 2014

food for thought
early birds
monster movie marathon
mtv video music awards
building sandcastles on the beach
exercise routine
collecting coupons
garden flowers
beveled frame
SPIN ID: ad5033640

14 January 2014

quenching my thirst
truth be told
tomatoes carrots celery and beets
wishful thinking cap
nightclubs and lounges
self-help books
photographic memory
lighthouse keeper
your homework
SPIN ID: pt5626441

13 January 2014

hit the ground running
knight rider
nutrition & physical fitness
if these walls could talk turkey
united states virgin islands
tossing a salad
a flock of seagulls
givers and takers
quite a pair
SPIN ID: mb5702513

10 January 2014

hold on to your hats
graceland in memphis
getting in on the ground floor
president theodore roosevelt
chocolate macadamia pancakes
heartwarming stories
executives and managers
i'm on the lookout
SPIN ID: db1334252

9 January 2014

take it to the limit
harrison ford in air force one
debt ceiling fan
you won't hear me complaining
hot fudge sundae
kitchen appliances
SPIN ID: rr07202

8 January 2014

south dakota
all-star team
like a bolt out of the blue
mattress spring fling
fabulous flavorful food
eucalyptus tree
hard-hitting interview
company bigwig
SPIN ID: mj2941902

7 January 2014

youngstown ohio
biceps and triceps
pontoon bridge tournament
the greatest nation in the world
a taste of the good life
comrade in arms
missions and operations
fire-breathing dragon
SPIN ID: cg7535231

6 January 2014

honey bunny
riding a unicycle
marvel superhero thor
too much information booth
a wealth of fun things to do
thelma & louise
beautiful smile
probing questions
SPIN ID: dr7137145

3 January 2014

health and wealth
reunion concert tour
chocolate-covered strawberries
bingo and birthday card
dolphins doing flips
cult classic book
eating with chopsticks
nice job
SPIN ID: jh6805196

2 January 2014

making resolutions
sewing kit
science fiction writer
volcanic rock paper scissors
annual hula festival
double bubble
don't get buzzed out
SPIN ID: lj9199415

1 January 2014

goals and aspirations
college football
dazzling fireworks display
pamela anderson cooper
a suite with a view of the ocean
use the force luke
predicting the future
SPIN ID: cw0072086

31 December 2013

parade floats
an all-star cast
i feel the need the need for speed
fashionably late bloomer
visiting the concierge desk
playing charades
poster boy
SPIN ID: ts0275992

30 December 2013

ringing in the new year
engine room
i'm in love i'm all shook up
losing your first tooth fairy
blue mountain coffee beans
holiday party
the tables are turning
wood-burning stove
beyond words
SPIN ID: jj3440763

27 December 2013

hiking and biking
mystic pizza
reaching the top of the mountain
sleeping & tea bag
awe-inspiring destinations
when the dust settles
yosemite sam and bugs bunny
hungarian goulash
by the pound
SPIN ID: cs0741145

26 December 2013

rock climber
returns and refunds
violin string cheese
kevin costner in dances with wolves
keep your camera ready
ancient greece
handful of trail mix
panama city panama
offbeat comedy
SPIN ID: by8382303

25 December 2013

a holly jolly christmas
tent poles & stakes
america's funniest home videos
cupcakes cobblers & cookies
the hottest show in town
decorative pillows
forgot your password?
quiz answers
SPIN ID: sr6025526

24 December 2013

a breath of fresh air
state parks
outrigger canoe race
now dasher! now dancer! now prancer and vixen!
beachfront swimming pool
making a pit stop
unbelievable transformation
straight-a student
moving upward
SPIN ID: kl1637909

23 December 2013

white-water rafting
holiday ornaments
rocky mountain high
anniversary & credit card
a little slice of heaven
wrapping gifts
future generations
bert & ernie
garden hose
good karma
SPIN ID: bl2385564

20 December 2013

denmark & norway
goody two-shoes
absolutely positively
running for office cubicle
don't forget to tip your dealer
passports & visas
toy fox terrier
vaguely familiar
SPIN ID: zd0388360

19 December 2013

beijing china
airline passengers
don johnson stars in nash bridges
do you come from a land down under?
mango pineapple papaya salad
arrivals & departures
the element of surprise
computer jargon
SPIN ID: sw4884620

18 December 2013

montreal canada
seat belt buckle
apple pie a la mode of transportation
climbing to the top of mount everest
traditional jamaican jerk chicken
things to do and see
walk like an egyptian
quirky personality
SPIN ID: cr3078873

17 December 2013

werewolves of london
train conductor
look on the bright side of french fries
music sensation katy perry
this is hawaii we're talking about
visitor center
australia & new zealand
wicker hamper
SPIN ID: cd1090461

16 December 2013

barcelona spain
cottage by the sea
taking a tour of the embassy
mom and pop goes the weasel
breaking open a pinata
hummingbird feeder
sydney opera house
ceramic coffee mug
my jaw hit the floor
SPIN ID: sg2658596

13 December 2013

the deck of the ship
sauteed scallops
smash-hit broadway musical
i'm like a shooting star i've come so far
exclusive onboard shopping
spring fever
captain jack sparrow
hold the phone
SPIN ID: lk4743396

12 December 2013

dropping anchor
a perfect pair
sometimes the right path is not the easiest one
grilled jumbo shrimp
underwater habitat
hysterical comedy duo
floor wax
SPIN ID: jm30592

11 December 2013

setting sail
college student
planning a family getaway
fish are friends not food
gorgeous gigantic glaciers
fun under the sun
a spoonful of sugar
SPIN ID: df7091572

10 December 2013

ports of call
marine biologist
rapunzel rapunzel let down your hair
here together friends forever
pirates of the caribbean
butterfly net
two for the price of one
quaint village
SPIN ID: rg6947815

9 December 2013

all aboard!
power couple
the happiest place on earth
julie andrews as mary poppins
culinary delights
graduation day
matching bookends
humor me
SPIN ID: ds3278524

6 December 2013

command center
it's a fine line
with liberty and justice for all
chairman of the joint chiefs of staff
taking off to the caribbean
pass interference
is that a nickname?
big finish
SPIN ID: gm9870554

5 December 2013

serving my country
that will do the trick
i love you just the way you are
roasting marshmallows by the fire
islands in the middle of the pacific
weather forecast
generals and majors
overdoing it
SPIN ID: jw6927924

4 December 2013

national treasures
carpenter shop
jack nicholson in a few good men
rank and file cabinet
a well-deserved vacation
picking up the pace
crushed red pepper
crowd favorite
SPIN ID: cm1140431

3 December 2013

saving private ryan
pittsburgh steelers
tennis court- martial
first to fight for right and freedom
slicing a juicy pineapple
rising tide
vote of confidence
fish & game warden
the whole point
SPIN ID: gd5886535

2 December 2013

cargo aircraft
elite athletes
man in black by johnny cash
rounding third and heading for home
excellent scuba diving sites
double cheeseburger
the fast and the furious
hitching post
SPIN ID: lt7774119

29 November 2013

enjoying leftovers
the state flower
the dirty dozen doughnuts
wonder of wonders miracle of miracles
chilling out is a good thing
corporate boardroom
little league baseball
an act of congress
a worthy opponent
SPIN ID: pd8265721

28 November 2013

everyone is invited
cottonwood tree
turkey dinner with all the fixings
secretary of defense mechanism
adding new photos to my album
snooze button
mighty casey has struck out
SPIN ID: bp9929889

27 November 2013

scarves & mittens
pie-eating contest
preparing an old family recipe
corn fritter away the day
learning to play the ukulele
pine needles
kangaroos and koalas
plywood box
SECRET SANTA #1: sc8186020
SECRET SANTA #2: ph8849532
SPIN ID: mr5670463

26 November 2013

the arctic circle
a mind reader
he's making a list and checking it twice
copper cookie cutter
incredible man-made waterway
silent auction
a piece of the action
erupting volcano
SECRET SANTA #1: jr7435778
SECRET SANTA #2: mm3418380
SPIN ID: jw0622946

25 November 2013

very generous
an eagle scout
returning a kick for a touchdown
the luck of the irish coffee
blue hawaii by elvis presley
wool sweater vest
longhorn cattle
patio chairs
SECRET SANTA #1: cd9573104
SECRET SANTA #2: bm0235000
SPIN ID: kd9037828

22 November 2013

stars in the sky
sweet pickle relish
hollywood blockbuster movie
ping-pong & dinner table
put on your dancing shoes
talent search
following my instincts
community college
very handy guy
SECRET SANTA #1: kp4296965
SECRET SANTA #2: dw09019
SPIN ID: rj8768262

21 November 2013

batteries not included
human nature
keeping my fingers crossed
footloose and fancy-free delivery
now this is the real deal
girl scout troop
cincinatti ohio
fruit grove
SECRET SANTA #1: rg0500873
SECRET SANTA #2: es0013171
SPIN ID: rn8267944

20 November 2013

cranberry sauce
the baldwin brothers
the space needle in seattle
bows ribbons and wrapping paper
i may never want to come back
prime example
squirrels & chipmunks
in broad daylight
SECRET SANTA #1: pp8491734
SECRET SANTA #2: te1407294
SPIN ID: fe5052302

19 November 2013

good vibrations
last-minute decision
department store chain reaction
one step ahead of the competition
palm trees & tropical flowers
leann rimes
coming out on top
objective opinion [really??]
SECRET SANTA #1: ty6115280
SECRET SANTA #2: tw6186198
SPIN ID: jc7303004

18 November 2013

the gift of giving
hometown hero
toasted english muffin with butter
mental block party
walking on a pristine white beach
precious metals
drawing names from a hat
forever young
SECRET SANTA #1: de3234626
SECRET SANTA #2: rf2505656
SPIN ID: km5405194

15 November 2013

pleased to meet you
school auditorium
late-night talk show host
a pinch of salt lake city
unwinding with my favorite watersport
achievement award
proud grandparents
use it or lose it
overwhelming support
SECRET SANTA #1: ps7717807
SECRET SANTA #2: mt4633460
SPIN ID: bf8976458

14 November 2013

lean on me
it's as simple as that
red plaid flannel shirt
rachael ray of sunshine
horseback riding in the jungle
an enormous effort
cinnamon sticky buns
SECRET SANTA #1: an4705169
SECRET SANTA #2: hw1264345
SPIN ID: at0082146

13 November 2013

i can hardly wait
ben stiller
primping and pampering
pac-man of my dreams
sand right outside your door
extra closet space
the golden goose
paved bikeway
SECRET SANTA #1: ck4421892
SECRET SANTA #2: ks3542210
SPIN ID: tt8584433

12 November 2013

love is all you need
cool as a cucumber
having my palm read
rules of the road runner
first-time surfing lessons
stone fireplace
comfortable lead
cornish game hen
what a hodgepodge
SECRET SANTA #1: ve6325044
SECRET SANTA #2: vs4913444
SPIN ID: ba2138181

11 November 2013

holiday shopping
decorated veterans
father figure of speech
sugar and spice and everything nice
relaxation and rejuvenation
san francisco
share and share alike
homing pigeons
bright and bubbly
SECRET SANTA #1: jt8586045
SECRET SANTA #2: rt0007632
SPIN ID: sc7884081

8 November 2013

buffalo new york
knitting circle
blueberry banana bread
shark tank top
summer picnic on the beach
home sweet home
knock knock who's there?
waterproof mascara
go ask your father
SPIN ID: mj9994108

7 November 2013

let's get to work
no muss no fuss
another one bites the dust
mirror mirror on the wall street journal
new stamps in my passport
person of interest
los angeles dodgers
a special occasion
bouillon cube
SPIN ID: bd2415385

6 November 2013

for mom and apple pie
nashville tennessee
i'm late i'm late for a very important date
broad jump to conclusions
beautiful rugged coastline
passing the torch
a man-to-man talk
bountiful harvest
SPIN ID: jd7367169

5 November 2013

an american icon
indianapolis motor speedway
a friend of the family
sailing surfing & sunsets
toaster oven
ruling the roost
swan dive
SPIN ID: nw6270326

4 November 2013

lansing michigan
quarterback sneak
the sixth sense of direction
hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry
fun for the entire family
costume designer
finishing in first place
works like a charm
SPIN ID: nd2820220

1 November 2013

here's johnny
freaky friday
pumpkin carving contest
a black cat crossing your path
the finest amazing amenities
chocolate candy
i can't help myself
jumping ahead
SPIN ID: nm7835312

31 October 2013

costume party
buffalo bills
invasion of the body snatchers
goblins gremlins & gargoyles
unspoiled natural wonders
freddy krueger
fresh out of the oven
choosy kids
SPIN ID: cn6386525

30 October 2013

alfred hitchcock
your worst nightmare
very superstitious
blushing bride of frankenstein
requesting a late checkout
gigantic insects
i think i can i think i can
ripe for the picking
gourmet popcorn
SPIN ID: sg2476362

29 October 2013

suspicious character
the creepy bates motel in psycho
scary suspenseful story
it must be seen to be believed
calling the shots
that's the way to play
a jolly good fellow
SPIN ID: kc7903764

28 October 2013

be afraid be very afraid
lifelike statue
high school chemistry teacher
poker night of the living dead
blue bikini bottoms
football stadium
say the magic word
golfing buddy
SPIN ID: ds0047986

25 October 2013

frank sinatra
circus performers
diplomas hanging on the wall
coffee shop till you drop
guacamole made tableside
raspberry beret
a sight for sore eyes
egyptian pharaoh
SPIN ID: rs2017565

24 October 2013

stacks of chips
love is in the air
writing on a cocktail napkin
melrose place your bets
crispy coconut chicken
chemical engineer
the play of the day
dog park
SPIN ID: bb5891179

23 October 2013

we're on a roll
fancy dress shoes
celebrity golf tournament
neon light up my life
cruising in a catamaran
pinball wizard
superhero headquarters
baked ham
SPIN ID: ch2758149

22 October 2013

you wear it well
display cabinet
nickles dimes and quarters
relief and water pitcher
watching the sunrise from the deck
red rock canyon
favorite theme song
it's out of the way
SPIN ID: jb6915027

21 October 2013

desert oasis
armored car
mysterious master magician
stephen king's under the dome
this is a momentous occasion
personal assistant
the great oz has spoken!
antique watch
SPIN ID: wh6086275

18 October 2013

making reservations
new kid in town
marching and rubber band
spicy salmon with caramelized onions
i'm sitting on top of the world
han solo and chewbacca
good table manners
SPIN ID: ml9568786

17 October 2013

carry-on luggage
sunday matinee
getting down to the nitty-gritty
iron man of the year
ship's captain and first mate
the main course
winning a narrow victory
glossary and index
SPIN ID: jm7677473

16 October 2013

take a break
french manicure
grilled cheese sandwich
victoria's secret compartment
guided snorkeling trip
wild stallions
the proof is in the pudding
church pew
SPIN ID: ks0472311

15 October 2013

smooth sailing
bridal registry
wholesome home-cooked meal
crisp chilled cucumbers
lighting the tiki torches
a real go-getter
twelve-speed blender
bora bora
SPIN ID: jm5630708

14 October 2013

bring the picnic basket
spectator sport
a litter of siamese kittens
stop in the name of love handles
all my bags are packed i'm ready to go
cereal box
fierce competitor
carved by hand
SPIN ID: es6685831

11 October 2013

beauty and wellness
dolly parton
all the world's a stage fright
summertime summertime sum sum summertime
it feels as warm as bathwater
chess player
shopping for bargains
murky water
SPIN ID: de0831407

10 October 2013

nice of you to notice
new orleans jazz
award-winning barbecue sauce
dairy free parking
soothing spa services
doors and floors
great aunts and uncles
wooden bunk beds
SPIN ID: kh4215343

9 October 2013

belle of the ball
make every second count
drinking sweet tea on the porch
monterey jack and jill
heaven is a place on earth
montgomery alabama
playing horseshoes
wonder woman
avid hockey fan
SPIN ID: sk1790172

8 October 2013

making lemonade
grocery list
dallas cowboys cheerleaders
slurping strawberry smoothies
dancing to the beat
tough competition
way too hot to handle
oak plank
SPIN ID: tw8158846

7 October 2013

jackson mississippi
welcome mat
baby & meteor shower
pecan pie topped with whipped cream
there was never any doubt
traditions and manners
thank god i'm a country boy
out of pocket
SPIN ID: da5230071

4 October 2013

seize the day boys
desk organizer
programmable coffemaker
home sweet home fries
is it sprink break already
gymnastics coach
ernest hemingway
SPIN ID: rc8183705

3 October 2013

teach your children well
cursive handwriting
graham cracker pie crust
term paper or plastic
picking the perfect postcard
to kill a mockingbird
class isn't over yet
a whole honeydew
SPIN ID: cs6997085

2 October 2013

science lab
lexington kentucky
electric pencil sharpener
leonardo dicaprio stars in the great gatsby
classic italian lasagna
albert einstein
solving word problems
power pack
SPIN ID: me2476688

1 October 2013

grading exams
slim and trim
faculty lounge singer
raise your hand if you know the answer
pacific island paradise
mr. holland's opus
loose-leaf notebook
color-safe bleach
bongo drums
SPIN ID: ps7677778

30 September 2013

the first day of school
myths and legends
is this going to be on the test?
calculus chemistry civics
looking for adventure
scented candles
the chronicles of narnia
secret admirer
paisley design
SPIN ID: if9774384

27 September 2013

poolside cabana
mystic highway
cartoon character witness
brad pitt stars in world war z
i could use some help packing
mountain climber
making a triple play
behind schedule
SPIN ID: lh2356660

26 September 2013

posing for a picture
quick decision
casual dining restaurant
combination lock of hair
awesome helicopter tour
internet radio
the greatest of all time
household budget
SPIN ID: ea8893830

25 September 2013

i love the nightlife
cherry blossoms
commercial architect
poker & potato chips
sit back and enjoy the flight
snack pack
computer software
a stroke of genius
SPIN ID: kc3442813

24 September 2013

a taste of italy
the best never rest
papa's got a brand new bag
jedi master bedroom
glimmering turquoise water
full-length wall mirror
stocky build
SPIN ID: ph3318376

23 September 2013

for hotel guests only
summer camp
william and kate welcome baby boy
bowling alley cat
fishing on the high seas
signature cocktails
random act of kindness
overhead projector
SPIN ID: cm7179187

20 September 2013

spin to win
man of steel
let's take it to the next level
sewing and slot machine
authentic mariachi band
champion racehorse
a television event
fancy boutique
SPIN ID: kl9560437

19 September 2013

sidewalk cafe
worth every penny
searching the sky for constellations
monopoly money can't buy me love
dining by moonlight
friendly competition
always in demand
SPIN ID: bs5955130

18 September 2013

luxury suites
cooked to order
outstanding drama series
members-only club sandwich
an engineering marvel
expressing myself
roaring mountain lions
wall safe
SPIN ID: vf5580064

17 September 2013

roll the dice
rock of ages
corner curio cabinet
outer space heater
diving near coral reefs
the opposing team
romantic gondola ride
fluffy pillows
previous occupant
SPIN ID: az0530129

16 September 2013

anything is possible
ready freddy
coming through with flying colors
sticky situation comedy
floating down a lazy river
theater balcony
a real showstopper
back in the day
SPIN ID: bs3569602

13 September 2013

(See: 1 Feb·ru·rary 2013)
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12 September 2013

(See: 31 January 2013)
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11 September 2013

(See: 30 January 2013)
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10 September 2013

(See: 29 January 2013)
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9 September 2013

(See: 28 January 2013)
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6 September 2013

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5 September 2013

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4 September 2013

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3 September 2013

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2 September 2013

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30 August 2013

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29 August 2013

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28 August 2013

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27 August 2013

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26 August 2013

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23 August 2013

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22 August 2013

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21 August 2013

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20 August 2013

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19 August 2013

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16 August 2013

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15 August 2013

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14 August 2013

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13 August 2013

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12 August 2013

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9 August 2013

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8 August 2013

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7 August 2013

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6 August 2013

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5 August 2013

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2 August 2013

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1 August 2013

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31 July 2013

(See: 7 November 2012)

30 July 2013

(See: 6 November 2012)
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29 July 2013

(See: 5 November 2012)
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26 July 2013

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25 July 2013

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24 July 2013

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23 July 2013

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22 July 2013

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19 July 2013

(See: 3 May 2013)
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18 July 2013

(See: 2 May 2013)
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17 July 2013

(See: 1 May 2013)
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16 July 2013

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15 July 2013

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12 July 2013

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11 July 2013

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10 July 2013

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9 July 2013

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8 July 2013

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5 July 2012

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4 July 2012

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3 July 2012

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2 July 2012

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1 July 2012

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28 June 2013

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27 June 2013

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26 June 2013

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25 June 2013

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24 June 2013

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21 June 2013

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20 June 2013

(See: 7 Feb·ru·ary 2013)
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19 June 2013

(See: 6 Feb·ru·ary 2013)
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18 June 2013

(See: 5 Feb·ru·ary 2013)
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17 June 2013

(See: 4 Feb·ru·ary 2013)
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14 June 2013

giant redwoods
orlando florida
grilling burgers in the backyard
quiet on the set of steak knives
beyond my wildest imagination
signed contract
soccer moms
heavy machinery
SPIN ID: sr0988269

13 June 2013

safe and sound
law-abiding citizen
pulling double duty
live-in nanny goat
enchanting ports of call
tap dancing
the hatfields and mccoys
alexandria virginia
working the room
SPIN ID: hh7116267

12 June 2013

montana and wyoming
stain remover
are you thinking what i'm thinking
building beautiful birdhouses
a palm tree swaying in the breeze
bumper cars
a sticky situation
book club
SPIN ID: pd7157068

11 June 2013

introducing myself
psychic predictions
glory days by bruce springsteen
summer sidewalk sale
guacamole made from scratch
bar harbor maine
all the right moves
complete overhaul
SPIN ID: mg0508451

10 June 2013

a part of history
heroic firefighters
bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich
keanu reeves stars in the matrix
wouldn't it be nice
original screenplay
logical conclusion
grand rapids michigan
SPIN ID: vp9358810

7 June 2013

electronic gadgets
gaining momentum
indiana jones and the last crusade
paper trail mix
you are my sunshine my only sunshine
autographed baseball
a chip off the old block
a barrel of laughs
young cub
SPIN ID: es8763302

6 June 2013

sporting event
have the car back at a reasonable hour
poker night- light
strolling barefoot along the shore
homer simpson
extra encouragement
puffy clouds
SPIN ID: rk9229284

5 June 2013

mr. incredible
money clip
what do you think you're doing?
cuff and sausage links
deep in the heart of the rain forest
reading a compass
twins and triplets
the limbo
SPIN ID: jd0603565

4 June 2013

weekly allowance
birds of prey
asteroid field & stream
royal flush beats a full house
enjoying the old world charm
leather recliner
home improvement
luxury yacht
SPIN ID: sw4724148

3 June 2013

the captain's chair
ducks and geese
michael keaton stars in mr. mom
perfect parallel parking
let's get to the good stuff
student of history
driving a golf cart
bikini top
SPIN ID: js6351019

31 May 2013

the right stuff
silver medalist
french fries topped with melted cheese
spin the bottle opener
on the sunny side of the street
mount olympus
flying in a helicopter
SPIN ID: sj4490085

30 May 2013

express yourself
i hate to wait
april june september and november
taco bell-bottom jeans
climbing ancient mayan ruins
end of discussion
tough workout
SPIN ID: mk6528862

29 May 2013

pearl bracelet
sculpture garden
half-hour television program
supermarket checkout line dancing
escaping from all the hustle and bustle
green bay wisconsin
old enough to know better
wildly happy guy
SPIN ID: em7015676

28 May 2013

enthusiastic crowd
vermont maple syrup
our little baby is all grown up
chariots of fire extinguishers
lava flowing from a volcano
orchestra section
grand canyon national park
good quality
SPIN ID: iw5902893

27 May 2013

aged to perfection
texas and arkansas
a first edition signed by the author
no deposit no return of the jedi
destination relaxation
field of sunflowers
hit movie flashdance
home viewers
SPIN ID: tp0865511

24 May 2013

food critic
reading a digital book
black and white cookies
collecting baseball cards
dinner at a traditional luau
walk this way
commanding officer
SPIN ID: tm2380555

23 May 2013

corned beef on rye
eternal optimist
the western hemisphere
good golly miss molly
this is going to be awesome
resetting my password
pitching a no-hitter
finicky baby
SPIN ID: ch4966883

22 May 2013

waldorf salad
courtroom drama
there's no turning back now
sterling silver spoon set
making quite a splash
limousine passengers
interesting theory
light drizzle
SPIN ID: ac8399532

21 May 2013

a slice of pizza
tempting offer
wild thing you make my heart sing
pac-man and ms. pac-man
seeing all the sights
designer handbag
live performance
rowing machine
SPIN ID: jw5841908

20 May 2013

pastrami sandwich
mix and match
attracting all the attention
writers directors and producers
some kind of wonderful
forks and knives
timeless love story
glamorous gown
SPIN ID: rb0677582

17 May 2013

constant companion
stand by me
the beginning of a beautiful friendship
smooth flight attendant
we've got it made in the shade
working as a team
party supply store
SPIN ID: ss1948083

16 May 2013

batman and robin
fresh fruit plate
swing your partner round and round
lingerie department of the treasury
celebrate good times come on!
electrical engineer
i see where this is going
SPIN ID: dl1486340

15 May 2013

bosom buddies
hot chocolate
it runs like a well-oiled machine
rachel chandler joey monica phoebe and ross
throwing a frisbee on the beach
school playground
wrestling match
joking around
SPIN ID: sd6971823

14 May 2013

lone ranger and tonto
prairie dogs
i've got to be a macho man
couch potato salad
don't bother calling i won't be home
elevator doors
exclusive nightclub
worldwide hit
SPIN ID: ss4542038

13 May 2013

two peas in a pod
fair share
smokey and the bandit
humpty dumpty sat on a wall-to-wall carpet
looking forward t0 happy hour
the odd couple
service with a smile
halfway point
SPIN ID: db05787

10 May 2013

canvas tote bag
the kitchen is closed
i'd like to thank the academy
let her rip van winkle
reading a book by the pool
circus tent
bagels and cream cheese
zip up your jacket
SPIN ID: ce7637286

9 May 2013

because i said so
piano lessons
setting the timer on the crock pot
alexander the great pumpkin
professional hula dancers
drawer organizer
you better shop around
avocado pit
SPIN ID: cr0875863

8 May 2013

homework helper
half marathon
meryl streep stars in mamma mia
beautiful birthstone bracelet
let's spice things up a bit
yellow mustard
merlin the magician
funky music
SPIN ID: sp3085211

7 May 2013

mind your manners
band practice
the hand that rocks the cradle
drama queen of england
girls just want to have fun
french bulldog
honey-roasted peanuts
down parka
SPIN ID: ah2513985

6 May 2013

we are family
acting on impulse
my big fat greek wedding
hot dog whisperer
an island in the caribbean sea
even- steven
it needs a woman's touch
junior high
SPIN ID: jb25798

3 May 2013

central park
fan favorite
movie & television stars
law & order of hash browns
breathe in the clean fresh air
winning streak
bridges and tunnels
fizzle out
SPIN ID: sb3727133

2 May 2013

ellis island
hailing a taxi
spicy buffalo wings
neighborhood bar exam
sweet dreams are made of this
sly as a fox
that's entertainment
pudgy cheeks
SPIN ID: bb8362962

1 May 2013

broadway debut
secret identity
delightful downtown deli
a fly on the wall street journal
there's no place like it in the world
sneak peak
manhattan clam chowder
youthful complexion
SPIN ID: jw4915385

30 April 2013

times square
watch and learn
the top of the empire state building
jurassic park avenue
warm corn or flour tortillas
fashion week
spelling bee champion
cell phone charger
waving goodbye
SPIN ID: js0847937

29 April 2013

statue of liberty
more bang for your buck
healthy wealthy and wise
the big apple strudel
roasted macadamia nuts
newspaper columnist
spectacular skyscrapers
howling with laughter
SPIN ID: mb4582736

26 April 2013

tractor wheels
animal crackers
the six million dollar man
best boyhood buddies
we'll need to find a house sitter
pasta strainer
renewing my membership
stunt double
matt damon
don't think twice
SPIN ID: rm8746061

25 April 2013

sweet home alabama
fresh coat of paint
united states bicentennial
straight from the horse's mouth
popular local surf shop
the incredible hulk
bending over backwards
yummy buffet
SPIN ID: lp5894152

24 April 2013

springfield illinois
bicycle helmet
crystal stemware collection
green thumb wrestling
it's highly recommended
pitching horseshoes
tough to know
SPIN ID: pr4883481

23 April 2013

great reputation
garden tools
what will be the deciding factor?
commencement speech therapist
green grass and high tides forever
omaha nebraska
dinner with friends
just a hunch
SPIN ID: lm11547

22 April 2013

table for two
spring fling
conducting an experiment
neon and zodiac sign
beautiful beachside cabana
seeing is believing
gumdrops & lollipops
bargain shopper
SPIN ID: cs9462639

19 April 2013

soaring to new heights
bradley cooper
impeccable taste in music
science fiction tv series the x-files
i want to put on my my my my my boogie shoes
from head to toe
trendsetting actress
rough surface
SPIN ID: de9976532

18 April 2013

unfolding the road map
happily married man
cinderella & prince charming
question mark wahlberg
stunning surroundings
pink daisies
victorian mansion
a significant contribution
SPIN ID: sd2876476

17 April 2013

polarized sunglasses
world leaders
terrific travel tips
high thread-count sheet cake
history culture and natural beauty
the cosby show
your secret is safe with me
the tower of london
victorious players
SPIN ID: ah4439494

16 April 2013

pack a snack
limousine driver
everyone is on pins and needles
shower and bottle cap
an unforgettable vacation
wooden salad bowls
plucking my eyebrows
turnpike exit
SPIN ID: wr5935307

15 April 2013

panama hat
raise the curtain
looking through binoculars
all-star cast-iron skillet
i get around by the beach boys
competitive cyclist
to infinity and beyond
scenic parkway
SPIN ID: kw6426861

12 April 2013

single-engine plane
prime minister
bruce willis stars in die hard
sugar cookies fresh from the oven
spectacular summer sunset
balancing act
going the distance
wide gap
SPIN ID: gw9857956

11 April 2013

formal introductions
my tax return
personalized stationery
a long time ago in a galaxy far far away
enjoyable early-morning swim
crocodile dundee
the center of attention
home office
SPIN ID: ak0215589

10 April 2013

seasoned travelers
playing by the rules
singer-songwriter alicia keys
my house is your house salad
i'm looking over a four-leaf clover
the big screen
strong coffee and sweet tea
short quiz
SPIN ID: mb7633546

9 April 2013

tiki torches
the brady bunch
free outdoor concert
murphy's law clerk
refreshing pineapple smoothie
cookbook stand
sitting sidesaddle
SPIN ID: gb0810048

8 April 2013

bahama mama
butcher shop
leaving a lasting impression
boneless skinless chicken tenders
toto i've a feeling we're not in kansas anymore
television studio
make a mental note
mystery and intrugue
highly profitable
SPIN ID: pg03379

5 April 2013

wearing flip-flops
combination lock
space the final frontier
priceless heirloom tomatoes
satisfaction guaranteed
morgan freeman
guests at the royal palace
shaving foam
SPIN ID: jl8785503

4 April 2013

strong swimmer
sweets and treats
polyester leisure suits
fishing and poetic license
man of la mancha
saturday matinee
i can feel it in my bones
limited-time offer
veggie pizza
SPIN ID: pc1060660

3 April 2013

palm springs california
my new best friend
ferris bueller's day off
frankfurters and sauerkraut
fabulous fragrant fresh flowers
status symbol
firing on all cylinders
siberian husky
displays and exhibits
SPIN ID: ph4582620

2 April 2013

fort lauderdale
the silence of the lambs
inflatable beach ball gown
going going sold to the highest bidder
fantastic surfing spot
the pied piper
a perfect example
a pause in the action
SPIN ID: pg6298004

1 April 2013

this must be the place
former child star
the goose that laid the golden egg rolls
daniel day-lewis as abraham lincoln
luxurious accomodations
designer jeans
finding the right answer
quart of paint
SPIN ID: js5121166

29 March 2013

alice in wonderland
live studio audience
right in the thick of things
on cloud nine times out of ten
gently blowing trade winds
wine and cheese
hills and valleys
golf foursome
SPIN ID: sp4670437

28 March 2013

follow your bliss
fettuccine alfredo
favorite family film
early bird special effects
riding the perfect wave
a fresh perspective
striking up a conversation
SPIN ID: wz0651241

27 March 2013

the garden of eden
a cup of green tea
rooks bishops knights and pawns
tom cruise & dustin hoffman in rain man
put the lime in the coconut
bolt of lightning
don't text and drive
perfume bottle
photo booth
SPIN ID: kd1783510

26 March 2013

heaven on earth
laverne & shirley
thoroughbred racehorse
a star on the hollywood walk of fame
boats docking at the marina
penny candy
patent leather shoes
cheering section
it was bound to happen
SPIN ID: mk4820265

25 March 2013

totally awesome
character actor
belgian chocolate cake
fanny pack of coyotes
bonfire on the beach
dancing queen
staying one step ahead
voice your opinion
SPIN ID: gm8575533

22 March 2013

little rock arkansas
nicole kidman
fine-feathered friends
all the king's horses and all the king's men
rows and rows of beach umbrellas
spice rack
cat got your tongue?
animal sanctuary
pay it forward
SPIN ID: rl9481414

21 March 2013

square dancing
christina aguilera
high school sweethearts
calico cat burglar
the rise and fall of the roman empire
rolling pin
professional wrestler
in the dugout
SPIN ID: rc4313547

20 March 2013

on this day in history
situation comedy
going for a ride on a riverboat
i'm a yankee doodle dandy
beautiful breathtaking beaches
graham crackers
don johnson in miami vice
family saga
SPIN ID: ks0006842

19 March 2013

go ahead make my day
star light star bright
lint roller skate
small town by john mellencamp
you can expect a warm welcome
neighborhood market
the florida panhandle
private bungalow
SPIN ID: bl42267823

18 March 2013

milwaukee wisconsin
sweet georgia brown
recent college graduate
his bark is worse than his bite
charming island hospitality
staples center
deep-dish cherry pie
do not budge
SPIN ID: mw3263253

15 March 2013

taking a sunset stroll
burst of energy
please leave a message after the beep
succulent sauteed shrimp
oh won't you show me the way
sliding glass door
father of the bride
making a budget
SPIN ID: sw5517070

14 March 2013

white sand beach
king of the jungle
fruit-flavored shaved ice
fairy dust bunny
memories to last a lifetime
pretty woman
pulling away from the pack
foolproof scheme
SPIN ID: rs1244985

13 March 2013

pure paradise
shares of stock
the fun has already begun
doughnut hole in one
swimming snorkeling scuba diving
going to the gym
movie theater manager
hug it out
SPIN ID: ds8833618

12 March 2013

perfect weather
genie in a bottle
it's my way or the highway
karate and lamb chop
flight crew prepare for takeoff
house of cards
wicker picnic basket
chatting on the phone
boardroom chairs
SPIN ID: at5534971

11 March 2013

crystal blue water
charter boat captain
tom hanks stars in splash
triple letter score in scrabble
spending an afternoon at the spa
wild mustangs
pink cotton candy
documentary film
vague impression
SPIN ID: ac0853688

8 March 2013

clearance sale
student driver
ready willing and able
it's like walking on air fresheners
listening to live reggae music
umbrella stand
financial statement
savannah georgia
SPIN ID: sm6202815

7 March 2013

mad money
resisting temptation
counting sheep to fall asleep
beef stock exchange
escaping to a tropical paradise
free shipping and handling
broccoli and cauliflower
zero gravity
SPIN ID: cw2075659

6 March 2013

cash register
freshwater aquarium
putting on the finishing touches
fair and square toe boots
hot fun in the summertime
reading cue cards
it makes perfect sense
words of love
SPIN ID: cd0460939

5 March 2013

designer purse
atlantic city
go directly to jail do not pass go
grocery and sleeping bag
hiking along the great wall of china
risk taker
writing a screenplay
SPIN ID: pj9034452

4 March 2013

shopping cart
the ozark mountains
coming up with a novel idea
distinctive downtown district
it's likely to spark your interest
entertainment weekly
SPIN ID: sc5350144

1 March 2013

amusement park rides
sports illustrated
a wolf in sheep's clothing
skating on thin ice cream cake
i believe it's time for me to fly
desk calendar
fanning the flames
violin bow
SPIN ID: mh6715482

28 Feb·ru·rary 2013

big sur california
giant sequoia trees
superstar taylor swift
bouncy birthday balloons
radio waves
coconut shrimp skewers
wild child
computer animation
whisked away
SPIN ID: jc0816752

27 Feb·ru·rary 2013

hollywood boulevard
grizzly bear
hit tv series the voice
don't let them pull the wool over your eyes
taking a dip in the plunge pool
rodeo clown
late-breaking news
hang it up
SPIN ID: sw7179385

26 Feb·ru·rary 2013

san francisco bay
forest ranger
programming your vcr
lemon meringue and sweetie pie
it's a jungle out there
denzel washington
chairman of the board
greek goddess
SPIN ID: fg01138

25 Feb·ru·rary 2013

santa barbara
a pod of dolphins
skateboards & rollerblades
leonardo dicaprio and kate winslet in titanic
shopping dining and having fun in the sun
social butterfly
rule of thumb
backup singers
trick play
SPIN ID: ms2431278

22 Feb·ru·rary 2013

snapping turtle
garage door opener
playing fetch in the park
buy one get one free willy
hold down the fort while i'm away
whole wheat bread
toothbrush and toothpaste
four of a kind
SPIN ID: cr5562307

21 Feb·ru·rary 2013

basset hound
scrabble board
brushing up on my french poodle
ethan hawke & russell crowe
having a blast wish you were here
high school diploma
getting the hang of things
lightweight jacket
SPIN ID: bb5642091

20 Feb·ru·rary 2013

leather collar
recording a duet
the cat in the hat by dr. seuss
mating and curtain call
there's nothing but blue skies
daffy duck
monkey see monkey do
SPIN ID: ns1205740

19 Feb·ru·rary 2013

springer spaniel
vice principal
puppy love triangle
cute cuddly critters
my first hawaiian luau
hardwood floors
stunning turn of events
piano bench
SPIN ID: jg12038

18 Feb·ru·rary 2013

retractable leash
effective immediately
i strut right by with my tail in the air
jolly green giant panda
sharing photos of the vacation i won
sunny disposition
the tortoise and the hare
SPIN ID: cj8599139

15 Feb·ru·rary 2013

you complete me
trusty sidekick
ordering the chef's special
a kitten playing with a ball of string
a cause for celebration
musical chairs
fancy handwriting
SPIN ID: df4697872

14 Feb·ru·rary 2013

storybook romance
must-see movie
tea for two and two for tea
moisturizing cream soda
recharging our batteries
the princess bride
will you be my valentine?
voracious appetite
SPIN ID: lb1192943

13 Feb·ru·rary 2013

my better half
sleepless in seattle
flashing a winning smile
wonderful wit & wisdom
i can see clearly now the rain is gone
popeye and olive oyl
matching sweaters
at this stage of the game
thigh-high boots
SPIN ID: tm9631240

12 Feb·ru·rary 2013

wedding cake
tennis partners
we're like diamonds in the sky
engagement and wrestling ring
a suite with all the amenities
a fresh start
shakespeare in love
mahogany finish
SPIN ID: mc6936370

11 Feb·ru·rary 2013

it doesn't hurt to ask
root beer float with two straws
old king cole was a merry old soul mate
love will keep us together
flower garden
master of disguise
view from above
SPIN ID: mz9219132

8 Feb·ru·rary 2013

our favorite sport
the gold rush
don't let the cat out of the bag
michael jordan stars in space jam
tasting local specialties
belgian waffles
hall of fame legends
patchy fog
SPIN ID: jb4317418

7 Feb·ru·rary 2013

home-court advantage
the dream team
spaghetti and meatballs
centers forwards and guards
come sail away come sail away
houston texas
winning shot at the buzzer
master bedroom
mixing bowls
the object of the game
SPIN ID: rr9563410

6 Feb·ru·rary 2013

fast break
cleveland ohio
defending champions
simply the best better than all the rest
how to beat the winter blues
fadeaway jumper
dry-roasted peanuts
laughing it up
SPIN ID: pm2938369

5 Feb·ru·rary 2013

full-court press
outdoor mall
season-ticket holders
like a bull in a china shop
tasty coconut chicken
oakland california
shooting free-throws
make a vow
SPIN ID: jb1993523

4 Feb·ru·rary 2013

double dribble
breakfast cereal
baskets & backboards
coming through in the clutch
digging my toes in the sand
portland oregon
scoring opportunity
registered nurse
key to the office
SPIN ID: pw8266260

1 Feb·ru·rary 2013

beauty and the beast
marching band
delicious hand-scooped ice cream
a dream is a wish your heart makes
golden caribbean beaches
a pirate's parrot
the sorcerer's apprentice
young prodigy
SPIN ID: jr6839683

31 January 2013

the haunted mansion
watching fireworks
catching a showflake on the tip of your tongue
winnie the pooh and tigger too
be our guest put our service to the test
the best of everything
time-honored traditions
soft pretzel
spunky hero
SPIN ID: ck9275202

30 January 2013

 buzz lightyear
pizza and pasta
singing and dancing to the music
when you wish upon a star
majestic humpback whales
lady and the tramp
you said a mouthful
a real page-turner
happy faces
SPIN ID: df4416282

29 January 2013

space mountain
my closest friends
coming soon to a theater near you
snow white and the seven dwarfs
be sure to wear comfortable shoes
surprise announcement
pinocchio and jiminy cricket
a packed house
SPIN ID: dg3134524

28 January 2013

the little mermaid
let's take a break
can you feel the love tonight by elton john
french toast with fresh strawberries
snorkeling in crystal clear waters
cinderella's glass slipper
laughing out loud
wait for it
SPIN ID: md0455355

25 January 2013

taking the tour
family album
go to the front of the line
winning a stuffed animal at a carnival
daredevil cliff divers
leather wallet
the boy who cried wolf
eight ounces
SPIN ID: wl1381061

24 January 2013

playing house
jedi master
put the pedal to the metal
mother's maiden name tag
once you're there you won't want to come back
significant other
doing the macarena
the critics agree
how funny
SPIN ID: wt3545654

23 January 2013

let's hit the road
julia roberts
top spot on the billboard charts
the invisible man of my dreams
slipping and sliding down the water slide
wedding band
reading a biography
proving ground
SPIN ID: pj01988

22 January 2013

welcoming committee
tarzan and jane
an actress memorizing her lines
bill & ted's excellent adventure
a whale of a good time
magazine rack
fashion statement
whip up something
SPIN ID: ta6698142

21 January 2013

my home away from home
double feature
friday saturday and sunday
super bowl of cereal
dancing in the street
florida oranges
like a kid in a candy store
plaid fabric
SPIN ID: js0998638

18 January 2013

head out on the highway
upstanding citizen
the princess and the pea soup
rare medium or well-done
sugar cane plantations
pet chihuahua
handwritten thank-you note
boxing gloves
SPIN ID: ep03599

17 January 2013

gaining altitude
the right frame of mind
television meteorologist
is there a doctor in the house of pancakes
roam if you want to roam around the world
dover delaware
mountain climbing
light and fluffy
SPIN ID: sc3700701

16 January 2013

licensed pilot
family reunion
full rack of baby back ribs
runway and role model
shopping for a new flowered shirt
movie theater
that really hit the spot
hotel voucher
SPIN ID: lr3386974

15 January 2013

up up and away!
wireless mouse
the third planet from the sun
prince william and kate middleton
heading south for the winter
silly putty
pastry chef
boost my ego
SPIN ID: ek8429185

14 January 2013

blazing a trail
playoff games
batch of frosted cookies
i speak fluent spanish omelet
hang on to your hat
concert hall
five six pick up sticks
golden retriever
public zoo
SPIN ID: mh8064298

11 January 2013

victory dance
bless this mess
too much time on my hands
prim & proper party planner
the soothing sound of the ocean of night
back in the race
strawberry preserves
yoga mat
SPIN ID: wb7348075

10 January 2013

american graffiti
gourmet restaurant
i walk the line by johnny cash
you hit the nail on the head coach
the adventure of a lifetime
milk mustache
writing in a journal
foam pillow
SPIN ID: gz3802632

9 January 2013

memphis tennessee
modeling agency
university athletic director
eddie murphy in beverly hills cop
leave winter behind
the twilight zone
where the wild things are
grace under pressure
double take
SPIN ID: jw9412814

8 January 2013

alexander hamilton
dangerous minds
laughter is the best medicine
keep your eye on the ball and chain
ordering dinner poolside
army surplus store
thunderous applause
just say the word
SPIN ID: jg4213830

7 January 2013

success story
dress to impress
standing out from the crowd
loose change of heart
exactly what the doctor ordered
undercover boss
playing pranks
make a wager
SPIN ID: ai7794653

4 January 2013

the swiss alps
the blame game
when you least expect it
all night long underwear
white sand and gentle blue water
sugar bowl
working up an appetite
jam-packed crowd
SPIN ID: mb03993

3 January 2013

let it snow!
iowa city iowa
weekend weather forecast
january feb·ru·ary march of the penguins
lemon pineapple ice cream
the fast lane
not a moment too soon
thrown for a loop
SPIN ID: rv6423187

2 January 2013

electric blanket
dinner and a movie
stick figure skating
based on the best-selling book
carefree catamaran cruise
hibernating animals
research and development
playing hide-and-seek
muffled voices
SPIN ID: jc5755165

1 January 2013

polar bear cub
vanilla frosting
out with the old in with the new
arctic and sewing circle
waves crashing along the shore
tunnel of love
total eclipse of the sun
home theater system
private tutor
awkward pose
SPIN ID: st3412439

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