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1 April 2015

yellow daffodils
real estate agent
comic book superheroes
under the weather forecaster
very important travel tips
golden globe award
performing arts center
flowing gown
SPIN ID: ac3246988

31 March 2015

moonlight drive
i'm in it to win it
reading between the lines
victoria's secret passage
popular surfing spots
vegetable steamer
we're calling it a day
potluck dinner
wacky neighbor
SPIN ID: ca3545632

30 March 2015

old faithful
heart-to-heart talk
march april and may
me tarzan you jane fonda
a simply flawless beach
the whole nine yards
baboons and raccoons
mowing the lawn
jump in the back
SPIN ID: ss1623121

27 March 2015

making the most of it
captain ahab
amateur photographer
grocery and punching bag
acres of lush grennery
porch light
synchronize your watches
hamsters and muskrats
busy with work
SPIN ID: lt5072747

26 March 2015

spring is in the air
neil patrick harris
i'm ready for my close-up
greek gods & goddesses
a quiet secluded escape
athletic trainer
no particular place to go
setting a good example
pocket diary
SPIN ID: jd5813733

25 March 2015

here comes summer
melissa mccarthy
steamed lobster tails
smile and say cheese ravioli
cathedrals and museums
a camel is a mammal
computer technology
master of ceremonies
achieve your goal
SPIN ID: ec8471412

24 March 2015

eating fruit salad
the man of the hour
custom-made furniture
roll out the barrel of laughs
you have no idea how happy i am
knee-high leather boots
bumpy path
SPIN ID: sj5416403

23 March 2015

recipe for success
web browser
television personality
loch ness monster truck rally
exactly what i was hoping for
graphic designer
thinking out loud
mahogany wood
SPIN ID: jd2210023

20 March 2015

elder statesman
bargain basement
putting together a jigsaw puzzle
red white & blue suede shoes
connecting north and south america
old mother hubbard
crayons and coloring books
valid logic
SPIN ID: re1066658

19 March 2015

rhode island
shock absorbers
this land is your land this land is my land
boston cream pie chart
very experienced travelers
standing room only
museum of science
hugh jackman
wine and dine
group portrait
SPIN ID: ij6898303

18 March 2015

living legend
history professor
electronics warehouse
variety is the spice of life jackets
spectacular view of the volcano
daniel boone
any more questions?
breaking waves
SPIN ID: mk3661807

17 March 2015

chopping firewood
astronaut neil armstrong
something old something new jersey
sprawling beachfront oasis
the plot thickens
corned beef and cabbage
the exact amount
SPIN ID: tk02099

16 March 2015

mississippi river
cowboy country
what a cast of characters
two four six eight who do we appreciate?
remarkable island excursions
doubling down
a creature of habit
cheese and crackers
audio frequency
SPIN ID: el3690148

13 March 2015

manicure & pedicure
niagara falls
roses are red violets are blue
i'm a hopeless romantic comedy
thick creamy mango smoothie
the blacklist
what took you so long?
connecting the dots
authorized biography
SPIN ID: dm1201162

12 March 2015

fitness & wellness
royal wedding
material girl by madonna
massage table manners
setting up our beach chairs
spinach salad
aerobic exercise
take me to your leader
worth waiting for
SPIN ID: vh3303250

11 March 2015

soaking in a hot tub
loyal customers
continental breakfast
pretty purple petunias
a heavenly location
peace and quiet
no time like the present
kermit the frog
one-hit wonder
wild fauna
SPIN ID: md00015987

10 March 2015

take the plunge
practical joke
robin hood & maid marian
bridal party animal
unwinding at the pool
advertising and marketing
cream-filled waffles
big paws
SPIN ID: ad2132655

9 March 2015

completely relaxed
geneva switzerland
recording a live album
blowing off a little steam room
unbeatable weather
marshmallow topping
positive view
SPIN ID: sm1147185

6 March 2015

the lion king
a way with words
musical extravaganza
can you paint with all the colors of the wind?
taking my first ukulele lesson
ballroom dancing
field of flowers
bogged down
SPIN ID: rb9915689

5 March 2015

dreams are forever
cinderella's fairy godmother
lemon-raspberry cream puff
sighting a humpback whale
encore performance
the princess and the frog
avid golfer
SPIN ID: ew8020460

4 March 2015

mountain climbing
all of our favorites
song-and-dance spectacular
we got no troubles life is the bubbles
the best in comfort and service
birthday party
next-door neighbor
gift ideas for him
SPIN ID: jg5223953

3 March 2015

the enchanted tiki room
special guest star
one two buckle my shoe
dopey grumpy doc bashful happy sneezy and sleepy
wondrous ice-blue glaciers
let it go let it go
solving a mystery
fancy cowboy boots
SPIN ID: rh8821997

2 March 2015

peanut brittle
wrapping presents
and the crowd goes wild
a whole new world that's where we'll be
snorkeling at rainbow reef
a gaggle of geese
exciting innovations
high impact
SPIN ID: nk1806872

27 Feb·ru·ary 2015

london calling
chemistry lab
baseball card collection
spring break it to me gently
i may only pack a bathing suit
my personal favorite
auxiliary power
SPIN ID: tb6804957

26 Feb·ru·ary 2015

finland & sweden
perfect timing
don't stand so close to me
making a wise investment
cabanas hidden among coconut palms
wonton soup
when the smoke clears
buying a house
SPIN ID: th2796530

25 Feb·ru·ary 2015

tokyo japan
culinary school
economy class clown
don't cry for me argentina
this will be an absolute blast
mountain bike
proof of purchase
turkey drumstick
SPIN ID: jp9770723

24 Feb·ru·ary 2015

one night in bangkok
saddling the horses
moisturizing cream and sugar
the little engine that could
can i jump up and down now?
good clean fun
triple-decker club sandwich
photos and videos
SPIN ID: km01588

23 Feb·ru·ary 2015

traveling the globe
english bulldog
tangy lemon squares
atomic energy drink
don't forget to bring your appetite
split decision
i believe in miracles
upholstery fabric
SPIN ID: fa1957277

20 Feb·ru·ary 2015

hiking up a volcano
lebron james
that's my bread and butter
solid stainless steel spatula
shows shopping and restaurants
pet parakeet
banana nut muffins
heroic act
SPIN ID: mw0619500

19 Feb·ru·ary 2015

awesome lava fields
i beat you to the draw
keanu reeves stars in point break
don't be afraid of the dark chocolate
visiting the statue of liberty
electric teakettle
construction crew
gym buddies
SPIN ID: gr7539223

18 Feb·ru·ary 2015

natural wonders
get into the groove
a picture is worth a thousand words
i think i can i think i can opener
legendary desert destination
horseback riding
the lord of the rings
factory worker
SPIN ID: kc7771210

17 Feb·ru·ary 2015

whale watching
in the spotlight
i'll stop the world and melt with you
welcome and yoga mat
plum trees and cherry blossoms
back on track
championship match
picking up the kids
SPIN ID: op00047

16 Feb·ru·ary 2015

secret island cove
making a hole in one
microwave dinner theater
striking underwater photography
this should brighten up your day
marine mammals
training for a triathalon
paying a few bills
SPIN ID: jp4274345

13 Feb·ru·ary 2015

the best of both worlds
the notebook
seeing a double rainbow
cosmic and manta rays
miles and miles of hiking trails
rookie of the year
wooden cutting board
clever puzzle
SPIN ID: df3163175

12 Feb·ru·ary 2015

the perfect couple
breaking the ice
pretty woman walking down the street
you're the apple of my eye doctor
a once-in-a-lifetime adventure
right on target
fantasy football team
live entertainment
bargaining chip
SPIN ID: pt0005651

11 Feb·ru·ary 2015

one dozen white roses
angelina jolie
enjoying the feast at a luau
all in a day's work boots
beautiful pacific northwest
concert in the park
starting lineup
public official
SPIN ID: jw0706251

10 Feb·ru·ary 2015

let's stay together
prince charming
homemade italian lasagna
dancing dashboard doll
red sox patriots and celtics
visiting relatives
a little bird told me
fluffy pancakes
SPIN ID: ry6948362

9 Feb·ru·ary 2015

the wedding singer
dinner plates
putting all my eggs in one basket
his bark is worse than his bite-size candy
taking the trolley around town
ashton kutcher
burning question
foamy lather
SPIN ID: kc3193575

6 Feb·ru·ary 2015

doing handstands
fairbanks alaska
taking the stairs instead of the elevator
computer & exercise program
i was hoping you would say that
the comeback kid
a good night's sleep
twice as nice
herd of buffalo
luxury vehicle
SPIN ID: rt4956960

5 Feb·ru·ary 2015

stomach crunches
charcoal grill
going on a brisk morning walk
ground rule double-parked
world-famous british museums
sticking to the plan
eighteen-hole golf course
tiny guppy
SPIN ID: mv9954050

4 Feb·ru·ary 2015

active lifestyle
staying motivated
happy days are here again
i got you babe the blue ox
sunny with no chance of showers
together forever
racquetball court
water vapor
SPIN ID: tb1127109

3 Feb·ru·ary 2015

tennis match
popeye the sailor man
strength and flexibility
baseball diamonds are a girl's best friend
france's cosmopolitan capital city
peanut butter bars
one for the record books
backyard gazebo
SPIN ID: fd1399717

2 Feb·ru·ary 2015

healthy breakfast
talent scout
warming up & cooling down
be there or be square dancing
cruising sydney harbour
live and learn
the land of the free
vinyl booth
SPIN ID: pd5448657

30 January 2015

escape from alcatraz
steak sandwich
lombard street in san francisco
alphabetical order of curly fries
the best cure for winter
helicopter pilot
on your mark get set go!
blue sky
SPIN ID: sd0012908

29 January 2015

mulholland drive
rebel without a cause
from the bottom of my heart
do you know the way to san jose?
a horseback ride through the mountains
electric guitar
vineyards and wineries
a warm glow
SPIN ID: cc0481519

28 January 2015

monterey bay
optical illusion
meanwhile back at the ranch
peeling an orange county
refreshing relaxing restful
james and the giant peach
a clock with roman numerals
fill in the gaps
SPIN ID: cm9610547

27 January 2015

venice beach boardwalk
panel of experts
it's a new dawn it's a new day
science fiction epic interstellar
don't delay book your stay today
the road to riches
letter of acceptance
rebooting the computer
bubbly soap
SPIN ID: ja4373517

26 January 2015

hotel california
time is of the essence
vegetarian restaurant
hollywood sign on the dotted line
a supply of waterproof sunscreen
fred flintstone
starting from scratch
catching a frisbee
nice variety
SPIN ID: ct8844882

23 January 2015

beef stroganoff
thomas jefferson
birthday suit and tie
stuck in the middle with you
strolling along on a sandy beach
from start to finish
a cast of thousands
the painted desert
by the quart
SPIN ID: sv4368615

22 January 2015

salad spinner
cause and effect
banjo and apron strings
caramelized peaches with fresh rosemary
living life on island time
athens greece
contrary to popular belief
wiper fluid
SPIN ID: dh2928985

21 January 2015

meat tenderizer
staying on schedule
three-cheese stuffed shells
old king cole was a merry old soul
cruise ships in ports of call
st. louis missouri
unexpected turn of events
a friend of a friend
combined weight
SPIN ID: tz3812638

20 January 2015

triple-layer lemon cake
pearls of wisdom
you can't judge a book by its cover
strawberry shake rattle and roll
toucans perched in treetops
movie studio tour
wide-open spaces
the southern hemisphere
chewy taffy
SPIN ID: cc0989123

19 January 2015

deep-dish apple pie
dublin ireland
breakfast lunch and dinner
strike while the iron is hot fudge
leaving my worries far behind
how sweet it is
bamboo utensil set
yankee stadium
SPIN ID: kv0009478

16 January 2015

baggage handler
just my imagination
being voted most likely to succeed
sports and ceiling fan
reveling in the magic of italy
standing ovation
red bell peppers
station identification
tranquil water
SPIN ID: sw0853422

15 January 2015

seeing the world
african elephants
nothing ventured nothing gained
kitchen sink or swim
river rafting adventure
bacon and eggs
people pleaser
daily flights
SPIN ID: jt09522

14 January 2015

taking the grand tour
treasure island
dinner party invitations
jack be nimble jack be quick
crossing the english channel
matthew mcconaughey
stop the presses!
brief intermission
boyhood home
SPIN ID: ma1462401

13 January 2015

shopping spree
lottery ticket
with a flick of the wrist
suede sleeper sofa
reciting hysterical limericks
dora the explorer
butterscotch candy
what a mouthful
SPIN ID: ah9165948

12 January 2015

a love of travel
center stage
cashews almonds & peanuts
partly sunny disposition
practicing spanish phrases
a kiss on the cheek
horse-drawn carriage ride
buckingham palace
i found you
SPIN ID: jb8806940

9 January 2015

booking a trip
spearmint tea
my all-time favorite song
i'm easy like sunday morning
dolphins whales and turtles
keep them coming
the queen of hearts
financial manager
mound of paperwork
SPIN ID: cf0953445

8 January 2015

it's almost friday
business partners
receiving a wedding announcement
professional boxer shorts
classic seaside bungalow
mystery novel
ordering a pizza
bald head
SPIN ID: ll1339888

7 January 2015

we're up and running
seashell necklace
sacking the quarterback
kerry washington monument
feeling the warmth of the sun
split pea soup
high school principal
frog pond
SPIN ID: jy6574038

6 January 2015

gulliver's travels
baby grand piano
labor of love letters
maryland soft-shell crabs
here today gone to maui
batting a thousand
winking and blinking
rock around the clock
raise your voice
SPIN ID: mc0316412

5 January 2015

green traffic light
dustin hoffman
saturday night live
he who hesitates is lost in space
nestled on a private peninsula
cattle rancher
raspberry preserves
exchange of vows
SPIN ID: kb1939711

2 January 2015

olympia washington
blowing bubbles
honesty is the best policy
breakfast nook and cranny
showing off my favorite hawaiian shirt
pressure cooker
hard work and dedication
the invisible man
wedding bouquet
SPIN ID: dd2267864

1 January 2015

baby new year
tampa bay florida
prosperity and good health
southern-style collard greens
the rich blue caribbean sea
savor the flavor
illustrated wall calendar
rousing applause
SPIN ID: dh2523916

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