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30 January 2015

escape from alcatraz
steak sandwich
lombard street in san francisco
alphabetical order of curly fries
the best cure for winter
helicopter pilot
on your mark get set go!
blue sky
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29 January 2015

mulholland drive
rebel without a cause
from the bottom of my heart
do you know the way to san jose?
a horseback ride through the mountains
electric guitar
vineyards and wineries
a warm glow
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28 January 2015

monterey bay
optical illusion
meanwhile back at the ranch
peeling an orange county
refreshing relaxing restful
james and the giant peach
a clock with roman numerals
fill in the gaps
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27 January 2015

venice beach boardwalk
panel of experts
it's a new dawn it's a new day
science fiction epic interstellar
don't delay book your stay today
the road to riches
letter of acceptance
rebooting the computer
bubbly soap
SPIN ID: ja4373517

26 January 2015

hotel california
time is of the essence
vegetarian restaurant
hollywood sign on the dotted line
a supply of waterproof sunscreen
fred flintstone
starting from scratch
catching a frisbee
nice variety
SPIN ID: ct8844882

23 January 2015

beef stroganoff
thomas jefferson
birthday suit and tie
stuck in the middle with you
strolling along on a sandy beach
from start to finish
a cast of thousands
the painted desert
by the quart
SPIN ID: sv4368615

22 January 2015

salad spinner
cause and effect
banjo and apron strings
caramelized peaches with fresh rosemary
living life on island time
athens greece
contrary to popular belief
wiper fluid
SPIN ID: dh2928985

21 January 2015

meat tenderizer
staying on schedule
three-cheese stuffed shells
old king cole was a merry old soul
cruise ships in ports of call
st. louis missouri
unexpected turn of events
a friend of a friend
combined weight
SPIN ID: tz3812638

20 January 2015

triple-layer lemon cake
pearls of wisdom
you can't judge a book by its cover
strawberry shake rattle and roll
toucans perched in treetops
movie studio tour
wide-open spaces
the southern hemisphere
chewy taffy
SPIN ID: cc0989123

19 January 2015

deep-dish apple pie
dublin ireland
breakfast lunch and dinner
strike while the iron is hot fudge
leaving my worries far behind
how sweet it is
bamboo utensil set
yankee stadium
SPIN ID: kv0009478

16 January 2015

baggage handler
just my imagination
being voted most likely to succeed
sports and ceiling fan
reveling in the magic of italy
standing ovation
red bell peppers
station identification
tranquil water
SPIN ID: sw0853422

15 January 2015

seeing the world
african elephants
nothing ventured nothing gained
kitchen sink or swim
river rafting adventure
bacon and eggs
people pleaser
daily flights
SPIN ID: jt09522

14 January 2015

taking the grand tour
treasure island
dinner party invitations
jack be nimble jack be quick
crossing the english channel
matthew mcconaughey
stop the presses!
brief intermission
boyhood home
SPIN ID: ma1462401

13 January 2015

shopping spree
lottery ticket
with a flick of the wrist
suede sleeper sofa
reciting hysterical limericks
dora the explorer
butterscotch candy
what a mouthful
SPIN ID: ah9165948

12 January 2015

a love of travel
center stage
cashews almonds & peanuts
partly sunny disposition
practicing spanish phrases
a kiss on the cheek
horse-drawn carriage ride
buckingham palace
i found you
SPIN ID: jb8806940

9 January 2015

booking a trip
spearmint tea
my all-time favorite song
i'm easy like sunday morning
dolphins whales and turtles
keep them coming
the queen of hearts
financial manager
mound of paperwork
SPIN ID: cf0953445

8 January 2015

it's almost friday
business partners
receiving a wedding announcement
professional boxer shorts
classic seaside bungalow
mystery novel
ordering a pizza
bald head
SPIN ID: ll1339888

7 January 2015

we're up and running
seashell necklace
sacking the quarterback
kerry washington monument
feeling the warmth of the sun
split pea soup
high school principal
frog pond
SPIN ID: jy6574038

6 January 2015

gulliver's travels
baby grand piano
labor of love letters
maryland soft-shell crabs
here today gone to maui
batting a thousand
winking and blinking
rock around the clock
raise your voice
SPIN ID: mc0316412

5 January 2015

green traffic light
dustin hoffman
saturday night live
he who hesitates is lost in space
nestled on a private peninsula
cattle rancher
raspberry preserves
exchange of vows
SPIN ID: kb1939711

2 January 2015

olympia washington
blowing bubbles
honesty is the best policy
breakfast nook and cranny
showing off my favorite hawaiian shirt
pressure cooker
hard work and dedication
the invisible man
wedding bouquet
SPIN ID: dd2267864

1 January 2015

baby new year
tampa bay florida
prosperity and good health
southern-style collard greens
the rich blue caribbean sea
savor the flavor
illustrated wall calendar
rousing applause
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